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Chippy Nonstop Teams Up with Waspy for Bollywood Banger "Bubble Up"

"I'm the number one goddess, come, come my way."
Max Mohenu

How a New Festival for Female, Non-Binary, and Trans Artists Plans to Crush the Patriarchy (Eventually)

TUFFEST in Seattle is pushing marginalized communities into the spotlight—and asking cis, white men to step aside.
Amber Cortes
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DJ Mag Have Forgotten That Women Can DJ Again

The magazine's 25th anniversary edition features an all male lineup of "pioneering DJs."
Angus Harrison

Meet the Women Combatting Gender Inequality with a Female-Friendly DJ Workshop Series

"We want to be included, because we know and have perfected our craft, not because of our gender."
Chippy Nonstop
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Do We Actually Need to Talk About 'Female DJs' in 2016?

We spoke to Paulette and Barely Legal about the gender divide in club culture.
Kamila Rymajdo
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FML, A Dance Music Blog Called DJane Is Running a Beauty Contest for Female DJs

All the publication wants to know is who’s the hottest DJ on the planet. Who would do something like this?
Jesse Weiss
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Can Teaching Young Women to DJ and Produce Solve Gender Inequality in Electronic Music?

From San Francisco’s Women’s Audio Mission to Brooklyn’s Powrplnt, women across the country are using education to reverse industry sexism.
Sophie Weiner
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Booking Agent Faces Public Backlash After Soliciting "Attractive Female DJs" For Gigs in Feminist Support Group

Derrick Carter, The Black Madonna, and more have spoken out against Justin James, who sticks by his original remarks.
Michelle Lhooq

Why DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs Includes So Few Women, According To the DJs Who Made the List

Apparently they are too busy buying make up to produce any music.
Angus Harrison

This Psychedelic Trance Sisterhood Actually Exists (And It's Rad)

Psy-Sisters are defeating the stereotype that psy-trance is for dreadlocked, poi-obsessed white men.
Frankie Decaiza-Hutchinson
jack novak

Is Jack Novak the Answer to EDM's Dearth of Female DJs?

The Calvin Harris and Pharrell-approved DJ and producer is ready for big things.
David Garber

Trends 2015: Where Will Dance Music Go This Year?

We asked a few experts to look into the future. Here's what they saw.
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