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The Feds Are Reportedly Trying to Shut Down Las Vegas's Cannabis Cup

If agents were to show up and shut down the event, it would certainly indicate how the new White House sees local marijuana laws.
Brian Moylan

Instagram Is Shutting Down Accounts Showing Legal Weed

At least two Canadian accounts that show photos of medical marijuana have been deleted.
Manisha Krishnan
Noisey News

Lil Wayne Drops Mic, Storms out of Cannabis Cup Performance After Four Songs

'High Times,' who organized the event, have no idea why he cut his set short.
Alex Robert Ross

‘Hemp Inc.’ Is the Mobile Game That Wants to Speed Up Marijuana Legalisation

Danny Hammett used to make Call of Duty games. Now, he's behind an app that encourages the player to grow and sell weed, and both earn and learn.
Tatiana Walk-Morris

I Take Photos of Dank Weed for a Living

Marcus Gary "Bubbleman" Richardson makes his living photographing dank nugs and hash. With over 20 years of experience, he makes the average #weedporn photos look like mere shake.
Tyler Curtis

This Drug Smuggler and 'Hippie Mafia' Leader Is an OG in the Weed Legalization Movement

In the 1960s, Richard Stratton distributed thousands of pounds of weed and worked for <i>High Times</i>. His memoir, <i>Smuggler's Blues</i>, tells his story of straddling the criminal and literary worlds.
Seth Ferranti

Some Genius in LA Is Selling Weed Pizzas

The worst thing about pot pizza is how much you want to eat more pizza once you're stoned. Other than that, it's pretty fucking great.
Josh Androsky and Cornell Reid

I Was an Official Cannabis Cup Judge

This week I flew to Denver to judge the weed contest with the 'High Times' OGs.
T. Kid

Colorado's Legal Weed Edibles Are High on Sophistication

Today, America's first retail marijuana stores are open to all adults 21-and-over, with no need for a doctor's note. Beyond weed itself, marijuana edibles mark the culinary gunshot of an industry that is rising in sophistication. Pot brownies are so...
Sam Dean

Why Didn't We Elect Bill Lee for President?

Bill Lee says controversial things. The former Boston Red Sox lefty-cum-New-England-cult-hero once compared the New York Yankees to Nazis and "a bunch of hookers swinging their purses." He has written about his desire to bite the ear off an umpire over...
Daniel McDonald