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Justin Trudeau, Up the Creek Without a Paddle, Tries Canoeing Back to His Reputation

Reeling from his biggest scandal yet Trudeau deployed some familiar weapons: a canoe and his tight ass.


Liberals Promise Net-Zero Emissions by 2050, Don't Elaborate How

The Liberals have called their own plan an ‘ambitious target.’


Liberal Party Profile: Everything You Need to Know About Voting for Justin Trudeau

After four years, Justin Trudeau wants you to 'Choose Forward' and forget those annoying scandals and unfulfilled promises.


Justin Trudeau Facing Outcry Over Sarcastic Response to Grassy Narrows Protesters

It’s the latest in a string of controversies faced by Trudeau.


Former Liberal candidate who pointed out Jagmeet Singh’s ethnicity says she is not racist

The Liberal party has rejected Karen Wang's plea for a second chance.


Liberal MP Francis Drouin is the latest politician to face sexual assault allegations

An incident allegedly happened during the Liberal Party convention in Halifax.


The Liberals Need to End the Suffering of Bill Morneau

For the good of the Liberal party, I mean. If he stays it actually works out pretty good for those of us who earn a living trash-talking the government.


Paradise Papers Are Another Hit to Justin Trudeau’s ‘Middle Class’ Agenda

Democracy is used by the rich to play a shell game in a two-tiered legal system.


Liberals' Inaction On Sex Work Laws Is Putting Sex Workers in Danger, Group Claims

Montreal’s STELLA says C-36 might be due for another court challenge


The Top Three Political Issues to Watch This Fall

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, baby


We Asked Ex-Politicians What It’s Really Like to Be a Politician

For starters, none of them think they are liars.


10 Promises Justin Trudeau Broke Since Being Elected

It’s not just electoral reform. What the hell, man.