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This Mayor Just Banned His City's Rec Centers from Buying Nike Products

In an apparent response to the new Colin Kaepernick ad.
Drew Schwartz
Views My Own

My Hometown Is Finally Getting Rid of Its Confederate Monuments

Black kids in New Orleans won't have to walk past statues symbolizing oppression like I did.
Talmon Joseph Smith
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Fraud, Intimidation, and Lies Spread in This Awful Election

Elections are a lot cleaner than they used to be, but dirty tricks, lies, and outright fraud still occur every time an opportunity to vote rolls around.
Harry Cheadle

Alton Sterling Is the Latest Black Man Killed by Cops on Camera

The Baton Rouge man was shot while being restrained by the police outside a convenience store, sparking outrage and protests and leading to a US Department of Justice investigation.
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Louisiana Pastor Is Sealing Himself in a Coffin to Recreate the Easter Resurrection in '3D'

"It's going to be just like you're there," says Bishop Rickey Moore.
Helen Donahue

Everything We Know So Far About the Shooting of a Six-Year-Old Autistic Boy by Louisiana Cops

The official accounting of the incident remains murky at best, and the two officers charged with second-degree murder have a history of violence.
Allie Conti
Neither Big nor Easy

New Orleans Rapper K. Gates Is Not Kevin Gates, and He's Not Having Sex with His Cousin

New Orleans rapper K. Gates first hit it big in 2009 with "Black and Gold," the unofficial theme for the Saints football franchise. But these days, he's getting confused for rapper Kevin Gates—and Kevin Gates's odd sex life.
Michael Patrick Welch

Wastin’ Away in Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Casino

Cross the Long-Allen bridge over the Red River to Bossier City, make a left on Bass Pro Road, and suddenly you’re in a casino that doubles as a parrot-heavy altar to Jimmy Buffett, America’s beach-casual bard of good times.
Brian Boyles