Quebec's Extreme Right Had a Worrisomely Large Rally This Weekend

The closeness between ultranationalist groups was evident at the demonstration in Quebec City on Saturday.
Alice Chiche
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Vigilantes Forced Teen to March Naked After Catching Car Break-in

Two grown men allegedly committed a bunch of crimes in order to teach three teens “a lesson” about committing crimes.
Mack Lamoureux
Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s highly abnormal presidency: a running guide for March

A new financial disclosure report could put Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on shaky legal ground, multiple experts told the New York Times.
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Moogfest Will Have a Protest Stage at This Year's Festival

The space for resistance will be hosted in opposition to North Carolina's "bathroom bill" and Trump's travel ban.
Alexander Iadarola

Environmental Activists Plan to March on Washington April 29

The People's Climate March will fall on the Saturday before Trump's 100th day in office.
Brian Moylan

My Strange Afternoon Among Anti-Fascists Waiting for the KKK to Show Up

Protesters, including some anti-fascists itching for a fight, were prepared for the KKK to arrive in Danville, North Carolina. But the Klan never showed.
Drew Millard
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​Lost in the Dunes: The Death of Roger Williamson

A promising young F1 driver, Roger Williamson lost his life in a fiery accident at the 1973 Dutch Grand Prix. More than 40 years on, he remains emblematic of a brutal era of grand prix racing.
Jim Weeks

New York's Pro-Israel Parade Was Rainy, but Anti-Zionists Still Showed Up

Despite heavy rain, New Yorkers still marched up 5th Avenue this past weekend in the Celebrate Israel Parade. Memorable moments included a teacher scolding students for having wet shirts, anti-Zionist protestors, and a old lady flipping off the cops.
Jackson Krule
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WATCH: 'Rise of the Right,' Our Film About Poland's Violent Independence Day March

We went to Warsaw to see how Poland's new right-wing government affected the traditionally hostile nationalist march.
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New York's Anti-Trump Rally Started Loud and Ended Louder

Jackson Krule

Why Marching in an Anti-Nuclear Rally Is Both Logical and Completely Futile

It feels stupid to have to set out the case against Trident, Britain's massive "nuclear deterrent"—mostly, let's not kill ourselves and everyone we love.
Sam Kriss, Photos: Chris Bethell

The People of Melbourne's People’s Climate March

It was the largest climate action of its kind in Australia's history, and the first led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.
Maddison Connaughton and Gabrielle Capes