Inside Milktoberfest: The Mormon Alternative to Oktoberfest

For its second year, the dry campus of Brigham Young University celebrated the annual holiday with a whole lot of chocolate milk.
Justin Caffier
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A Lot of American Adults Think Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk

Around seven percent apparently believe we live in some kind of Wonka-fied world where cow udders lactate Ovaltine.
River Donaghey
Zero Context

VICE Without Context: 'Talked About Milk for a While''s most memorable lines from the week of May 8, presented with no context.
Alex Norcia
Broadly DK

Dustin Lance Black’s New ABC Drama Aims to Bring Gay History to Middle America

The Academy Award-winning 'Milk' screenwriter's new show, ‘When We Rise,’ follows three LGBTQ activists from 1970s gay liberation to 21st century marriage equality. Can the series unite a divided country?
Mitchell Sunderland

The Legend of Zelda, Link, and the Mythos of Milk

'Ocarina of Time' from 1998 is an amazing game that only gets better the deeper you analyze it. Case in point: the role of Lon Lon Milk.
Rebecca V Brink

China Has a Grey Market for Australian Baby Formula

In China, Australian baby formula is a luxury item that can sell for $100 per tin. Now tourists and students are making easy cash by buying up supermarket stock and selling it back home for four times what they paid.
Emma Do

A Cowboy Purchases Some New Boots

In this comic by Tyler Boss, a cowboy goes in search of milk at the behest of a face that appears in his hand.
Tyler Boss

The Bovine Intifada: How 18 Cows Came to Represent Civil Disobedience for One Palestinian Village

The second intifada brings to mind bus bombings and terror acts. The first intifada was somewhat more peaceful, and it involved cows.
Batya Ungar-Sargon

Screw You, Milk Companies: Is One of the Last Bastions of the Old Internet

Dan Bornstein registered so he could have a personal email address. That's the same reason he's not giving the domain up.
Luke Winkie

Delicious and Nutritious Feral Camels Are Destroying Western Australia

As the bush dries up, migrating camels in search of water are leaving a trail of destruction across the state.
Jack Callil

It's Time to Consider Veganism if You Care About California's Drought

California's ongoing water catastrophe is worsened by all the water its meat and dairy industries drink. It's a good time to consider getting on board with the whole vegan thing.
Mike Pearl
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Ardalan Puts a Dirtybird Flare on Black Loops' "No Questions"

Dirtybird meets Berlin techno, with an Italian touch.
Rachael D’Amore