Nikki Benz


​Porn Stars Share Their Most Embarrassing Sex Stories

We hopped on the phone with six top adult stars—including Eva Angelina, Michael Lucas, and Nikki Benz—to recount some XXX memories involving poop, Spongebob costumes, and DIY pyrotechnics gone wrong.


Nikki Benz: Jungle Fever

Are you aware that there's an order of operations to the sexual acts porn stars will perform in their careers, and that for many girls, sadly, interracial sex is considered so taboo that it comes after bukkake and gang bangs on their fucket lists?


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Can you tell the difference between a pornstar's real orgasm and a blustery, histrionic fake orgasm?


Chatting with the Porn Star Who Wants Rob Ford’s Job

We interviewed Nikki Benz, the adult film star who's running for mayor of Toronto.