Occupy Wall Street


Antifa Activists Are Freaking Out About a Proposed 'Unmasking' Law

The bill targets antifascist and anarchist protesters who use "black bloc" tactics to challenge the alt-right.
Allie Conti

Your Job Doesn't Matter

According to David Graeber, we should be excited for robots to take our bullshit jobs.
Eric Allen Been
The Restless Youth Issue

The Bay Area's Antifa Movements Are Alive and Well

The region has a long history of anarchist organizing dating back to the turn of the 20th century.
Whitney Mallett
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The NYPD Sent Video Teams to Hundreds of Black Lives Matter and Occupy Protests

It's not clear if the surveillance went through any kind of legal process.
Drew Schwartz

Protesting Is Broken, Says One of the Founders of Occupy Wall Street

Micah White talks about the failure of the Occupy movement, how to hack elections, and why Trump is more revolutionary than Sanders.
Tomas Urbina
the vice reader

My Time as an Artist at the Center of the Insane Financial Industry Boom

An excerpt from Molly Crabapple's upcoming memoir, "Drawing Blood," out on December 1.
Molly Crabapple
Daily Fantasy Sports

Occupy Fantasy

A protest to lift New York's cease-and-desist on daily fantasy sports quickly devolved into a farce.
Aaron Gordon

What the Fuck Is the ‘Precariat,’ and Why Should You Care?

Hint: you're probably in it, and it sucks.
Tannara Yelland
The Future According to VICE

What Today's Revolutionaries Could Learn from the Protest Movements of the Past

Social media is never going to replace the old-fashioned meatspace methods of activism.
Nathan Schneider
The Wall Street Issue

The Weird Utopia of Wall Street

Wall Street is said to be fueled by the twin passions of greed and fear. That's true enough, but not the whole story. There's also a credo, a conviction, that all the deals and emotions add up to a surge of general bounty.
Todd Gitlin

Is Occupy Hong Kong Coming to an End?

If somebody doesn't step up to readjust Occupy Hong Kong's paradigm—and soon—the movement will surely flatline.
Brendon Hong

Our Generation of Hackers

We spend so much of our time trying to hack and subvert and work around the systems that make up the world, but should we be trying to change them for the better instead?
Nathan Schneider