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For Trans Folks, Free Speech Can Be Silencing

The debate surrounding Wilfrid Laurier and that now infamous Jordan Peterson video has largely ignored the marginalized voices at the centre of the controversy.
Abigail Curlew

Jordan Peterson Is Causing Problems at Another University Now

Wilfrid Laurier is the latest Canadian school with a freedom of speech controversy.
Drew Brown

Tensions High at Toronto College as Prof Resigns Over Racist Joke

A senior fellow at Massey College was forced to resign after joking about college’s head being a black student’s ‘master.’
Tamara Khandaker

The Toxic Masculinity Behind One of Canada’s First University Shootings

Valery Fabrikant killed four people at Concordia University 25 years ago. Sadly, his profile seems more familiar than ever.
Patrick Lejtenyi

A York University Professor Wrote A Glowing Character Reference For Student Rapist Mustafa Ururyar

"Even now, after his conviction, it remains difficult for me to believe that he is guilty."
Manisha Krishnan

Saying Goodbye to Notorious Drug Smuggler and Best-Selling Author Howard Marks

And so, another great name from British pop culture slips into the great federal correction complex in the sky.
Gavin Haynes
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked an Expert if Memes Could Determine the Outcome of the Presidential Election

In 2014, Indiana University received funding to start the Truthy Project, which is dedicated to studying the spread of data and why things like memes go viral. We called the professor in charge of it to discuss dank memes and their effect on the...
Gabriella Lewis

Could We Use Films to Teach People About Mental Health?

We talked to some leading psychologists who think that movie's the potential to increase society's understanding of problems like schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety.
Huw Oliver