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This Is What Aphex Twin's Hell-Born Children Look Like Now, Feel Old Yet?

The image accompanies "T69 Collapse," the first single from Aphex Twin's forthcoming 'Collapse' EP.
Alex Robert Ross
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Listen to BBC Radio's New Aphex Twin Documentary

John Doran's 'The Cult of Aphex Twin' probes at the mysterious career of a unique artist.
Alex Robert Ross
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Listen to a Typically Trippy New Aphex Twin Song, ‘tnodvood104’

Richard D. James has cryptically shared the track via Soundcloud.
Lauren O'Neill
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Hear the Unique Musical Scales Aphex Twin Created for Korg's New Synth

The producer helped out in designing the micro-tuning feature on the Monologue.
Alexander Iadarola

Mike Paradinas on How Boardgames, Spliffs, and Vodka Influenced His Off-the-Wall LP with Aphex Twin

One half of Mike & Rich recounts the making of 'Expert Knob Twiddlers' ahead of its upcoming 20th anniversary reissue.
Gary Suarez
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Is the Image Hidden in Aphex Twin's "Equation" the Best Easter Egg in Electronic Music?

This has to be one of the producer's more infamous tricks.
Michael Scott Barron

Beat by Beat Review: Aphex Twin's Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 is an Interlude in Which Some Music Happens

Think Sterling Archer dropping a metal bowl.
Ziad Ramley

Aphex Twin is Releasing a New EP This Month

Guess who's back, back again? (With a 14 track EP!)
David Garber
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I Cared Because You Did: Inside Aphex Twin’s Syro NYC Listening Party

Richard D. James brought his merry prankster vibes to Brooklyn and into the alternate future.
Gary Suarez