student loans

student loans

Something Is Wrong When a Quiz Show Is Your Best Shot at Paying Off Student Debt

A self-consciously ridiculous trivia show with extremely easy questions is the only answer America seems to have for an insane problem.
Rebecca Stoner
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Parents Sue 30-Year-Old Adult Son Who Refuses to Move Out

He won't do chores, he won't move his car, and now—after his parents gave him five written notices—he's being evicted.
Drew Schwartz
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Millennials Are Missing Out on Life Because They Have More Debt Than Savings

A dark new poll found many 18- to-34-year-olds are waiting to have kids, get married, buy a house, or save for retirement because of crushing debt.
Adam Forrest

People Told Us How Much They're Spending on Student Loans

“University just felt like a four-year drawn out thing that I was spending a lot of money on and I actually entirely regret spending all that money.”
Ebony-Renee Baker

Billions in Student Debt Could Disappear Because of Lost Paperwork

The latest example of America's legal system being a total shitshow might actually help you out—if it doesn't screw you over first.
David Dayen
student loans

Why It's So Hard to Declare Bankruptcy on Your Student Loans

As Sallie Mae and Navient are accused of pushing subprime loans, one activist-expert says we're missing a much bigger point about how student debt works.
Allie Conti

Help, I Think the CRA is Stalking Me Online!

The revenue agency has hired people to dig through Twitter and Facebook trying to trip up people like me!
Amil Niazi

More Canadian Students Are Using Sugar Daddies to Pay for School

We talked to one sugar baby who made more than $4,000 a month.
Manisha Krishnan

Here's What Might Happen to Your Student Loans in Trump's America

Believe it or not, there are reforms on the horizon that could help some debtors—but it's far from clear if student debt is a priority for Donald Trump or the incoming Republican Congress.
Allie Conti

All the Money Stuff They Should Have Taught You at School

First off, stop listening to your parents. Statistically, they don't know shit.
Morgan Harries

We Asked Students If They Know Anything About Personal Finance

Are millennials really as bad at their finances as everyone assumes?
Jake Kivanc

College Advice from a 75-Year-Old Who Went to School for 55 Years and Got 30 Degrees

His message to young people: Don't quit too soon.
Michael Nicholson as told to Emma Collins