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Former Ontario Teacher Who Filmed Students’ Cleavage Found Guilty of Voyeurism

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled the 27 students’ privacy had, in fact, been violated.


VICE launches new legal battle to protect journalist's materials

The company argues an RCMP order for Ben Makuch's communications with a dead ISIS fighter is "unenforceable."


Canadian politicians aren’t fazed by Supreme Court ruling against VICE reporter

The decision compels VICE reporter Ben Makuch to hand over his communications with an alleged ISIS member


Supreme Court rules against VICE in press freedom battle against the RCMP

The Supreme Court has upheld an RCMP order compelling VICE and reporter Ben Makuch to hand over source materials.


Supreme Court of Canada will rule on VICE press freedom case on Friday

The extent to which Canadian law enforcement can access a journalist’s work is at the heart of the case of national security reporter Ben Makuch.


Supreme Court upholds restrictions on moving booze between provinces

New Brunswick man loses his 5-year long "free-the-beer" fight


With Territory on Fire, This First Nation Is Fighting Mine Permits in Court

The Tsilhqot'in already have their hands full putting out literal fires, but they're battling the outgoing BC Liberals' latest dick move anyway.


Catching Up with the Mayor of an Embattled Resort Town With No Residents

A Supreme Court decision could land any day now, potentially ending Jumbo mountain resort municipality’s strange five-year run.


Canada's highest court has its work cut out for itself in the new year

Weed cases, an alleged honour killing, and ex-pats fighting for the right to vote are among the cases up at Canada’s Supreme Court.


​Canada’s Ridiculous Ruling That Oral Sex with Animals Is Legal Shows Need for New Bestiality Laws

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled today that only penetrative sex with animals is a crime, not oral sex. Gross. Also, WTF.


In Defence of the Senate, House of Scum and Villainy

It's awful, but Harper and Mulcair know it's not going anywhere, despite their election promises.