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This Short Doc Highlights the Effects of Gentrification on a City’s Music Scene

CBC's 'Where'd the Night Go?' investigates how Toronto artists, promoters, and venue owners survive in the face of rising rents.
Corinne Przybyslawski
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Toronto City Hall Responds to Recent Music Venue Closures

The Silver Dollar Room, the Hoxton, and more have suffered abrupt shutdowns over the last month.
Noisey Staff
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Toronto Club The Hoxton to Close in January After Six Years

The announcement comes following the popular electronic music venue's co-owners' decision not to renew their five-year lease.
Max Mertens
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All Access: How Accessibility Limits Dance Music's Inclusiveness

If we're excluding a segment of people from accessing nightclubs how can we say we're 100 percent for inclusion?
THUMP Canada Staff
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Crate Expectations: Lane 8

"I was maybe five or 6-years-old and used to absolutely rinse my dad's copy of Behaviour while I flipped through my Where's Waldo books."
THUMP Canada Staff

We Woke Up at the Crack of Dawn to do Rave Yoga With HRMXNY

The Hoxton's resident DJ dragged his ass out of bed to take shots of wheatgrass, not vodka.
Rebecca Krauss

TORONTO: We're Giving Away Tickets to See Keith Ape and CMDWN

Come down and turn up with Keith Ape, CMDWN, and Cyber 69 at The Hoxton.
Noisey Canada Staff

NuAlias Are The Real-Life BFF’s Making A Self-Proclaimed “NuGarageFunkWave”

These boys have been making music together since the days of Pokemon cards and Lunchables.
Rebecca Krauss
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Crate Expectations: MK

Marc Kinchen first loved song was "Happy Birthday." Who would have thought?
Marc Kinchen
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Meet the Young Producer Who Landed on the ‘Bondax and Friends’ Compilation Before His 18th Birthday

Shagabond is the small-town Canada producer with a sophisticated taste in music and martinis.
Rachael D’Amore

Kill Paris Leaves Room for Romance, But No Love for Tidal

"You have to let fans know that they're special. In the end, they're the ones paying my bills."
Rachael D’Amore
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We Give Bakermat the Grand Tour of Toronto

From waterside meditation to capacity club shows, Bakermat got the full Toronto treatment.
Elif Rey