The They Come Out at Night Issue

The They Come Out at Night Issue

Hip-Hop Hog-Calling at the Iowa State Fair

In this month's Artifact, VICE's Wilbert L. Cooper remembers defying the odds and winning a hog-calling contest at the Iowa State Fair.
Wilbert L. Cooper

In the Ring with One of Mexico's Top Female Bullfighters

Shona Sanzgiri explores Mexico's colonial history with female matador Karla Sanchez San Martin, known professionally as Karla de los Angeles.
Shona Sanzgiri

Mind-Bending Photos of Household Items

Mauricio Alejo took these photos in several of his apartments in New York City, where he lived for 13 years trying to make it as an artist.
Mauricio Alejo
The They Come Out at Night Issue

A Strange Tale Starring the First Female Superhero

Look at the work of Fletcher Hanks and appreciate the beauty created by a monster.
Fletcher Hanks
The They Come Out at Night Issue

Cesar Vargas Is New York's First Openly Undocumented Lawyer

Vargas has traveled all over the US organizing for immigration reform, and his group, the Dream Action Coalition, has confronted politicians on both sides of the aisle.
Natalie Shutler
The They Come Out at Night Issue

Jail Is Where You Don't Want to Be

Clancy Martin reflects on his seven times behind bars, from Dallas to Kansas City.
Clancy Martin

Salvia Velada: Experiencing a Traditional Mazatec Shaman Ceremony

Follow Hamilton Morris as he journeys through a Salvia divinorum ceremony in the forests of Oaxaca.
Danilo Parra

An Exclusive Look at FBI Communication About the Accidental Drone Strike Killing of an American

We filed a FOIA request for all records the FBI had on Warren Weinstein, a US aid worker killed in a top-secret CIA drone strike in Pakistan. Our request was initially denied; we appealed. Here's what we found.
Jason Leopold

Carnival's New Voluntourism Cruise Doesn't Help or Hurt Anyone

Fathom is the world's first-ever cruise line for vacationers who don't just want to do beaches, spas, and shopping. It's for people who want to "travel with purpose."
Jacob Kushner
The They Come Out at Night Issue

'Loving' Director Jeff Nichols Has Great Affection for the Deep South

Jeff Nichols has built his reputation as a director of terse and unusual American dramas with a distinct regional flair. We spoke with him about difficult histories, the best BBQ joints in the South, and his dream of a commercial hit.
Brandon Harris

We Reviewed November's Best Books, Music, and Movies

From the Criterion release of a Luis Buñuel masterpiece to Sarah Glidden's genre-blending graphic nonfiction, we reviewed the best new releases November has to offer.
VICE Staff