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Mike Shinoda Listens to 'Reign In Blood': "I'm Going to Piss Off Slayer Fans"

The Linkin Park co-founder and solo artist might be the only person who’s played Ozzfest and worked with Rick Rubin who's never checked out Slayer’s 1986 thrash classic.
Josh Terry
New music

Power Trip's "Hornet's Nest" Is Proof They Can't Be Fucked With

The Texas thrash boys release a new walloper of a single via Adult Swim.
Phil Witmer

Darkest Hour Go to the Desert for Windswept "Enter Oblivion" Video

Watch the DC stalwarts' new music video for a ripping track off their latest album for Southern Lord, 'Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora.'
Phil Witmer
The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting into Metallica

With ten studio albums, a handful of official live releases, and an extensive reissue campaign well underway, it may seem a bit daunting to find a suitable entry point, so here are five.
Gary Suarez

Richmond Thrashers Earthling Level Up on a Ripping New Record

Stream 'Spinning in the Void,' the stellar new album from this rising extreme metal quartet, out now on Forcefield Records
VICE Staff

This Trans Metalhead Stepmom Is Making a Historic Run for Office in Virginia

Danica Roem is not only the first transgender person to run for the Virginia House of Delegates​—she’s also the first member of a metal band to do so.
Kim Kelly

Briefcasefest Is a Macabre Grassroots Festival for Heavy Metal Fans of All Ages

In its fifth year, the fest brings a well curated line-up of metal and hardcore groups from across the world.
Sarah Kitteringham
Scene Reports

Dhaka's Extreme Metal Scene Worships the Old School

Bangladesh's most densely populated city also boasts its highest concentration of killer death, black, and thrash metal bands.
Joe Henley
Scene Reports

Taipei’s Extreme Metal Scene Provides an Unlikely Home for Its Misfits

In Taiwan, choosing a life in the underground punk and metal scene means going against everything the dominant culture holds dear.
Joe Henley

Power Trip Wants to Build a New Underground Resistance

The politically-charged Texas thrashers aren't afraid to speak out against oppression—and as vocalist Riley Gale told us, there's a lot of work to do
Louise Brown

Why Midnight’s New 4-Song EP Has 21 Bonus Tracks, And Other Tales From The Vinyl Vaults

Metal maniac Athenar goes off on NWOBHM covers, vinyl hunting, and the band's new compilation, 'Shox Of Violence'
J Bennett

Slayer's Tom Araya and Paul Bostaph Talk Rights, Regrets, and the Constitution

During filming for the first episode of Noisey Shreds, we sat down with the thrash metal legends, and got political
Kim Kelly