Sick Shit's New EP Is Exactly What Its Name Promises

Stream 'Thick Spit,' the powerfully pissed new seven-inch from these thrashy North Jersey powerviolence punks.
March 9, 2018, 6:30pm
Photo by Robert Scheuerman

Sick Shit came snarling out of the bowels of North Jersey a scant few years ago, but have already become one of my favorite local-ish fast bands. The best thing about working at this site is that I have ample opportunities to spotlight smaller, emerging underground talents like Sick Shit—and no matter how you slice it, the fact that I just published an interview with metal god Rob Halford and am now about to hit "publish" on this piece about an extraordinarily pissed, antifascist DIY hardcore punk band from Jersey is pretty fucking cool.


The four-piece's spicy, basement-ripened mélange of dual-vocal hardcore punk, powerviolence, fastcore, and thrash is a welcome breath of stale beer, clammy basement air, and joyfully spilled blood; in short, it absolutely reeks of the spirit of DIY. They're revving up to release a new seven-inch EP via local label Choke Artist, appropriately called Thick Spit, and I'm pleased as punch to be streaming it here on Noisey.

This unassuming little EP clocks in at just under ten minutes, but certainly packs a wallop. There's something viscerally satisfying in how unrepentantly gross Thick Spit is; its songs about blood clots, wet organs, and pulling out your own hair come spilling out of two phlegm-slicked throats, with Sami Kaiser's forcing out rabid howls and Zach Miller's propelling guttural roars. It feels messy, and honest, and alive.

"We just wanted to create something loud, abrasive, and angry," the band told Noisey. "There are a lot of things to be angry about right now, and channeling that anger into art is a productive way for us to release it. This was our first time recording in a studio, not just whatever basement we were practicing in at the time like our previous releases. Thankfully, Sean Glonek (from SRG Studios in NJ) is a master and nailed the production. Joe Scala of Choke Artist was also nice enough to make the physical release happen, and we can't thank him enough. The release show will be 3/15 at The Mill Hill Basement (300 South Broad St, Trenton NJ) with Iron Gag, Miriam, Replicant, and Over Everything. We're playing tons of shows (as usual) to promote the release."


It's not officially out until March 15, but preorders are available now via Choke Artist Records and from the band directly. Listen below, and read on for tour dates!

Sick Shit on tour:

March 15th – Mill Hill Basement, Trenton NJ (Record Release)
March 18th – P Lost, New Brunswick NJ
March 20th – Doomfield Haus, Bloomfield NJ
March 22nd – Ask a Punk, Union NJ
March 26h – Anarchtica, New Brunswick NJ
March 30th – Spreehive, Philadelphia PA
March 31st – Charlie’s, Norfolk VA
April 12th - Brooklyn Bazaar, Brooklyn NY
April 22nd – Anarchtica, New Brunswick NJ
April 27th - Dyke Palace, Boston MA

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