Richmond Thrashers Earthling Level Up on a Ripping New Record

Stream 'Spinning in the Void,' the stellar new album from this rising extreme metal quartet, out now on Forcefield Records
July 7, 2017, 7:18pm
Forcefield Records

Earthling's Spinning in the Void is going to end up being one of those records that everyone kicks themselves for leaving off their Best of 2017 lists once someone else brings it up—which is why I'm stoked to be sharing it with you now, so you're not left in the dark once the days get shorter and list-o-mania hits the blogosphere. In short: this shit rips, and sleeping on it would be detrimental to both your health and your record collection.

So, who is Earthling? The Richmond, VA quartet has been knocking around since 2009, and Spinning in the Void marks their second full-length release (and second for dirty Southern kingmakers Forcefield Records). Their sound is a sonic smoothie that fits best under the "extreme metal" catchall, but if you're looking for particulars, there's a broad mix of black metal, thrash, punk, Inepsy-flavored rock 'n' roll, and sweet, sweet trad metal guitar licks, all glossed up with an apocalyptic sheen and tied up neatly with a "fuck y'all" bow.

The record was recorded and mixed by Chris "Scary" Adams (Black Tusk, Corsair) at Old Dominion Studio in Scottsville, VA, mastered by Mikey Allred (Inter Arma, Yautja) at Dark Art Studios in Nashville, TN, and is graced by cover art from Philly tattoo artist Matt Slime.

Listen to the whole damn thing here, and cop the real deal on vinyl or digitally from Forcefield Records—the album's out today, so don't lollygag.

Catch Earthling on tour:
7/7 - Savannah, GA - The Jinx w/ Hexus
7/8 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl w/ Undergang, Necrot, Repulsory
7/9 - Asheville, NC - Static Age
7/10 - Nashville, TN - Drkmttr w/ Holy Mountain Top Removers
7/11 - Lexington, KY - Hometron
7/12 - Columbus, OH - Bourbon ST/Summit
7/13 - Fort Wayne, IN - Skeletunes
7/14 - Pittsburgh PA - Black Forge w/ Pummelled, Ether

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