TIFF 2018


Ben Mendelsohn Really Wants You to Play ‘Last of Us’

We talked to the Australian actor about his new movie and his run of playing big budget bad guys but he was most excited when the conversation turned to gaming.


‘The Hate U Give’ Underscores the Dangers of Code Switching

People of colour need to stop sanctioning the bullshit white folks do and say.


How Hans Zimmer Makes Music That You Remember

We sat down to talk to the prolific composer to talk about how he made the 21st century’s most memorable scores, from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to his work with Steve McQueen.


‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Is a Raw Adaptation of Black Love

Love as an antidote to black struggle is the most real thing that I can imagine.


An Epic Conversation on Astra Taylor’s ‘What is Democracy?’

At a historical moment when democracy everywhere seems like it’s under siege, filmmaker Astra Taylor is taking us back to the basics.


TIFF’s Efforts to Improve Gender Equality in Film Should Be Applauded

The Toronto International Film Festival was already making progress before the allegations against Harvey Weinstein sparked the #metoo movement in Hollywood.


TIFF’s Late Night Programmer Doesn’t Want You to Faint This Year

Midnight Madness curator Peter Kuplowsky tells us how to survive the festival’s notorious late night gorefest.


Ranking the Canadian Films at TIFF By Audience Screams

Yes, you can choose what to watch based purely on the volume of reactions.