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Convicts Explain Why They Would Rather Be in Prison Than Wear an Ankle Monitor

"It was hard for me to live a normal life as a parent. I needed to go back to prison to get some peace and quiet."


Behind the Scenes with Colombia's Cocaine Farmers

Deep in the Colombian jungle, photographer Mads Nissen documented the day-to-day lives of people involved in the production and trade of coke and cannabis.


10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask an Animal Rights Activist

"On the most basic level, a human's life is not worth more than an animal's life."


'Breath Therapy' Gave Me the Best High of My Life

Heavy breathing to a techno beat can be like tripping on hallucinogenic drugs.


10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Deaf Person

"My mum claims I was really upset the first time I heard a sound. Apparently I just cried for ages."


Hanging Out with a Millionaire Felon During His Weekend Off from Prison

Two weekends a month, Per Ulrich Karpf gets time off from prison, which he spends living it up in Copenhagen.


Trans People Talk About What They Wish They Knew When They Were Younger

"I wish I'd known I needn't feel obliged to talk about my genitals to random people at parties."


I Locked Myself in a Soundproof Room to See How Long I Would Last in Absolute Silence

In the end, the silence was a little too loud for me.


A Visit to the Beach from 'The Beach' Killed My Inner Child

I loved the film. I loved beaches. What could possibly go wrong?


An Interview With a Couple of Dickheads Who Sell Ground Up Paracetamol as Cocaine at Festivals

Hasse and Danni scammed people at Roskilde so they could afford to stay at the festival themselves.


Post-Apocalyptic Photos of an Aquarium in Decay

Julie Borgstrøm captured the interior of the iconic Denmark's Aquarium, before it’s turned into another spa and fitness centre.


My Dad Took Control of My Facebook for a Week

Apart from losing the respect of pretty much everyone I know, what’s the worst thing that could happen?