World War II


How Tattoos Saved These Indonesian Women from Sexual Slavery in World War II

A local marriage tradition in the island of Timor helped these women escape becoming comfort women during Japanese occupation.
Kathleen Malay
Rizky Rahad

Getting Rid of Nazi Memorabilia Is Harder Than It Sounds

What do you do when your mom wants to sell your grandfather's Nazi-killing trophies, but she lives in the middle of deep-red Florida?
Allie Conti

Portraits of Europe's Remaining Holocaust Survivors

"My cousin, aunt and uncle were all murdered.​ I didn't deserve to survive. I didn't deserve to be so fortunate."
Kamil Biedermann
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A German Called the Cops over a Bomb That Was Actually Just a Giant Zucchini

Police decided not to bring in the bomb squad after realizing the explosive was edible.
Drew Schwartz
the vice reader

The Forgotten Female Sniper Who Killed 75 Nazis

Read an excerpt from Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich's breathtaking new book, 'The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II.'
Svetlana Alexievich
A Tour of Hell, from Hell

On the Road to Warsaw

My first full day of a two-week Holocaust tour and already I'm buying into racial stereotypes.
Jerry Stahl

Why Gay German Men Are Seeking Reparations for a Homophobic Nazi Law

Remembering Paragraph 175, the outrageous law which persecuted German gay men long after the fall of Nazi rule.
Samuel Clowes Huneke
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Archeologists Have Found a Holocaust Escape Tunnel Dug with Spoons

The underground tunnel is believed to have helped at least 12 Jewish prisoners escape from a Nazi extermination site in Lithuania.
VICE Staff

Inside the Radioactive City Russia Doesn’t Want You to Know About

The director of documentary 'City 40' says she's lost contact with residents who risked their lives to tell their story.
Tomas Urbina

‘Jalopy’ Examines the Fall of Communism from a Uniquely Personal Perspective

A personal project from designer Greg Pryjmachuk, this is both a physical road trip and a journey into a painful past.
John Robertson

How Drugs Have Been Used in Basically Every War Ever to Make Soldiers Better at Killing

In his new book <i>Shooting Up</i>, the Polish historian Lukasz Kamienski traces the history of drugs in warfare, from the Viking berserkers to the Mumbai attacks.
Oscar Rickett

What Hitler's Supposedly Tiny, Deformed Dick Tells Us About How We View Evil

It's all too easy to blame the Führer's messed-up junk for the Third Reich.
Sam Kriss