What the Plastic Straw Controversy Means for Bars

The seemingly innocuous plastic straw has found itself at the center of a greater cultural war
Al Sotack
16 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Life

What Pulling an All-Nighter Does to Your Mind and Body

Here's the bare minimum amount of sleep you need before a big exam.
Nick Keppler
a day ago

The Best Curry In Malaysia Is Served In a Prison

Most prisons served inmates food that's so bad it could barely be considered a meal. But the Kamunting Detention Center was different.
Lee Lian Kong
2 days ago

Turn Off Push Notifications

Notifications are no longer used to notify you of anything—they’re used by apps to beg for attention.
Jason Koebler
2 days ago

Why People Keep Trying to Make a Dating App for Polygamists

It's all about mainstreaming an idea.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
2 days ago

Bricks of Pure Cocaine Keep Washing Up on the Beach in Fiji

More than 100 packages have appeared throughout the Fijian islands in the past three months.
Gavin Butler
2 days ago
Relationship Goals

Everything You Learn About Your Relationship on a Year-Long, 15,000 Kilometer Bike Ride

How far would you go for love?
Alice .
2 days ago

We Now Know Why Great White Sharks Gather In a Mysterious Ocean Void

One of the ocean’s most tantalizing questions has been answered by an expedition to the 'white shark cafe,' a remote zone in the middle of the Pacific.
Sarah Emerson
2 days ago

The Focus and Ferocity of New Zealand’s All Female Fight Night

Lethal Ladies in photos.
Frances Morton
2 days ago

This Limited-Edition Louis Vuitton Umbrella Backpack Is A $2000 Life Hack

The "Shopping in the Rain" backpack is the spork of fashion.
Emma Specter
2 days ago

Grindr's New Campaign Addresses Its Discrimination Problem

The app also introduced new guidelines that ban discriminatory statements in user profiles.
Mitch Parker
2 days ago

Of Course Wes Anderson's Next Film Is a Musical Set in 1950s France

Leaked production details reveal he's taking over an entire French town to shoot it.
Mitch Parker
2 days ago