Round Earth “Theory” is Western Propaganda, According to This Indian Flat Earther

The world’s oldest conspiracy theory is being revisited by a man practicing the ancient Indian religion of Jainism, who claims to have seen two suns.
Sushmita Sundaram
2 hours ago
Weed Week

These are the Countries Most Likely to Legalize Weed Next

Mexico? Likely. India? Not so much.
David Hillier
7 hours ago
VICE Votes

Trans People in India Speak Up About Why They Are Unable to Vote This Election

"I earn my livelihood through begging and sex work. Who will give me an income certificate?"
Archana Nathan
2 days ago

The Musical Genre Is Dead, Gen Z Killed It

The rise of streaming services and Gen Z acts like Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish are heralding the end of emo, rap, and country as we know them. And bringing in something better.
Megan Evershed
7 hours ago
VICE Votes

VICE Votes: Young Indonesian Voters Speak Up On The 2019 Election

In VICE Votes, we ask young Indonesian voters what they care about and what kind of person they want to see lead the country.
VICE Votes

Comments on Opponent's Underwear and Other Shit That Got Indian Politicians Banned From Campaigning

“The Congress government used to serve biryani to terrorists and Modiji’s army sends bullets and bombs their way."
Shamani Joshi
2 days ago

Dieters Are Paying Internet Strangers to Eat Fattening Food for Their Vicarious Pleasure

Enterprising internet users in China are getting paid to eat McDonald’s, drink bubble tea, and down ‘Western food' on camera.
Jelisa Castrodale
7 hours ago

Machine Learning Identifies Weapons in the Christchurch Attack Video. We Know, We Tried It

It took 29 minutes for a Facebook user to first report the livestream of the Christchurch terrorist. Now a machine learning system spots weapons in the stream with an over 90 percent confidence rating.
Joseph Cox
7 hours ago

Here’s What You Need to Know About Indonesia’s Massive Elections

Religion has been a hot election topic, with both candidates seeking to portray their hard-line Islamic credentials
David Gilbert
7 hours ago
mental health

How to Mourn a Building

VICE spoke to a grief counselor about the Notre Dame fire and what the loss of an iconic structure can tell us about ourselves.
Emma Specter
7 hours ago

Making an Appearance at a Conference for Ugly People

At the first annual Ugly Conference, attendees aren't trying to "reclaim" anything. They're just trying to be seen as they are.
Rebecca Brill
7 hours ago
VICE Votes

Meet the Politician Who Wants to Make the Cow ‘India’s National Mother’

Gopal Mani Maharaj—an independent candidate contesting for elections—thinks problems like terrorism, violence in Kashmir and the Ayodhya issue can be solved simply by being nicer to cows.
Zeyad Masroor Khan
3 days ago

A Japanese Uni Professor Allegedly Taught Students How to Make Ecstasy

The 61-year-old could face 10 years in prison for showing students how to manufacture MDMA.
Gavin Butler
7 hours ago
VICE Self-Portraits

Self Portrait: Rita Ora

Rita Ora stopped by VICE Asia to draw herself and her alter-ego.