We're getting very up close and personal with the love for Korean pop music in India, and its surrounding industry. Let super fans power your soundtrack, tell you how to talk and walk K-pop style, in the best that K-pop fashion has to offer.

Week on Week: The VICE India Mixtape

A song for each day of the week, throwing in a mix of new releases and some #throwbacks. Everything from homegrown hip-hop to Bollywood (uh-no?) to K-pop—we gotchyu.

Naman Saraiya

Hip-Hop Don’t Stop, Korean Style

Our K-pop fever has extended to include Korean hip-hop too, as a fan guides us through his favourites.

Shamani Joshi


We visited the Changwon K-Pop World Festival in New Delhi, to hear from the kids about what's wrecking their biases.


Why Hallyu Is India’s Next Big Fashion Obsession

Harping on inherent gender-fluidity and an unwavering vibrancy, K-pop fashion is forging a feverish new movement in the country.

Tanya Mehta
Styling Pasham Alwani
Photographs Arsh Sayed

K-Pop Goes the Credit Card

Meet the Indian fans who have started their own online merch stores.

Aena Thakur

The Micro Playlist Beyond K-Pop

No matter how big, colourful and Tsunami-like K-pop seems, it cannot overpower other sounds, artists and movements rising from the same spaces.

Aena Thakur

Seoul Stirring

A roundup of Korean snacks and dishes available across India.

Prerna Makhija

Keeping up With K-Pop Fan Slang

Here’s the arsenal you need to amuse and abuse in Korean.

Shamani Joshi
All illustrations by Prianka Jain

What to Expect at a K-Pop Fan Meetup

We played a whacky version of Werewolf, almost got kicked out for being too loud, and had a jjang (good) time.

Shamani Joshi
Images by Karan Salunkhe

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a K-Pop Fan

We want to be part of the K-pop phenomenon too, so we asked a fan to initiate us into a BTS fandom.

Aena Thakur

Is The Next Indian Idol a K-pop Star?

The next generation of Indian pop-stars are looking to Korean pop for inspiration.

Uday Kapur

The World's Most Controversial K-Pop Group

We met up with the members of EXP Edition, the world’s first non-Korean K-pop group, to find out why they’re trying to become the genre’s next breakout stars—and explore the backlash they're facing from people accusing them of cultural appropriation.