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Ten Questions for a Guy Who's Died and Come Back... Twice

"For me there was nothing, just darkness."
Rhi Holmes
an hour ago

How I Accidentally Found Out My Dad Is Gay

I burst out crying – something I wish I hadn't done.
Julien Goyet
an hour ago

Chasing Bears Taught Me to Accept My Bulk-Challenged Body

I yearned to be part of a subculture that I assumed wouldn’t have me.
Mike Miksche
an hour ago

Study Says Students Would Rather Go Without Food than Without Their Phones

Research into smartphone addiction is still in its preliminary stages, but folks: It's looking bleak.
Jelisa Castrodale
an hour ago

Cat Tongues Inspire Hairbrush That Could Help Beat Allergies

New research using severed cat tongues could change the way we brush our hair and clean rugs — big news for allergy sufferers.
Troy Farah
an hour ago
woman seeing woman

These Photos Disrupt the Male Gaze

With roots in Riot Grrrl, photographer Whitney Hubbs makes images that challenge norms and herself.
Elyssa Goodman
4 hours ago

Lab-Grown Mini-Brains Spontaneously Produced ‘Human-Like’ Brain Waves for the First Time

The electrical activity of the lab-grown mini-brains was similar to that seen in premature infants and may help researchers understand brain development disorders.
Daniel Oberhaus
an hour ago
Far-Right Extremism

Neo-Nazis Are Organizing Secretive Paramilitary Training Across America

The creation of a new social networking platform called “The Base” appears to be an effort to shift Naziism from a divided digital space to physical, violent insurgency.
Ben Makuch
Mack Lamoureux
2 hours ago
High Wire

The Radical New Fentanyl Trend That Could Save Lives and Screw Dealers

One $5 or $10 fatal dose could become dozens or even hundreds of nonfatal highs.
Maia Szalavitz
2 hours ago

'N*****fishing' Is the New Form of Blackface

The word describes white women who change their appearance to look black or racially ambiguous. We spoke to someone accused of this, and to the women calling her out.
Janae Price
2 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Extremely Pure Trailer for 'LEGO Movie 2' Is Here to Heal Your Ailing Soul

Featuring tiny plastic versions of Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, and Alison Brie.
River Donaghey
2 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

You Can See Smoke from the California Wildfires All the Way Over in NYC

It traveled 3,000 miles and formed a visible haze in parts of New Jersey and New York.
River Donaghey
2 hours ago