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Man Appears in Court for Murdering UK Backpacker Days After She Arrived in New Zealand

Grace Millane disappeared on the eve of her 22nd birthday.
Zoe Madden-Smith
18 hours ago

Woman Demands $500 DNA Test to Identify Which Roommate Stole Her $2 Yogurt

Apparently, a passive aggressive note on the fridge door was just not enough.
Jelisa Castrodale
3 days ago

What It's Like to Be a Man Paid to Pretend to Attack Women

“You have to learn how to say some pretty nasty stuff,” says one of the male instructors at an “adrenal stress training” course.
Cole Kazdin
4 days ago

A Dispatch from the Hells Angels Wedding Event of the Season

A senior Hells Angels member married the daughter of a notorious drug dealer this weekend in Montreal and everyone, including the Mafia, showed up.
Nick Rose
Mack Lamoureux
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'I Absolutely Have PTSD': When Stalking Ruins Your Mental Health

Stalking doesn't just end when the perpetrator leaves you alone. It can have a lifelong and damaging impact on some victims' mental health.
Dominique Sisley

Japanese Dad Arrested for Drifting Racing Tiny Pickup Truck for the 'Gram

Dad's got some skills.
Alia Marsha
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Should You Tell Your Ex's New Partner They're Dating an Abuser?

Social media makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on an abusive ex, but is it ever a good idea to warn their new partner about them?
Kate Lloyd
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Woman Spent Months in Jail Because Cops Thought Her Old Cotton Candy Was Meth

Just to be clear: Not meth. Cotton candy.
River Donaghey
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Over 100 Inmates Have Been Bailed Out in The Largest Mass Bail in History

Seventy-five per cent of the people on Rikers are eventually released without ever being sentenced to prison, which suggests most of the people there aren’t much of a threat to public safety.
Alzo Slade

Should These Women Be In Prison For Killing Their Alleged Abusers?

Emma-Jayne Magson was sentenced to life in prison after stabbing her allegedly abusive boyfriend during a fight. She is now appealing her murder conviction.
Emily Goddard
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Man Arrested For Laundering Money After Literally Laundering Money

“They'll never think to look in the washing machine!!!!"
Mack Lamoureux

The Definitive Breakdown Of Robbers Being Chased Away By Sword Wielding Owners

Welcome to the perfect 45-second action movie.
Mack Lamoureux