Coachella Is Taking Steps To Prevent Sexual Assault

Coachella's new Every One initiative will include trained counselors, consent guidelines, and "safety ambassadors" at this year's festival.
Leila Ettachfini
sex work

A New Zealand Woman Was Charged for Doxing a Sex Worker Online

This case happened in a country where sex work is legal, but it still illustrates how people exploit stigma and shame.
Samantha Cole
sexual assault

Women of Twitter Are Educating Trump With Heartbreaking Stories of #WhyIDidntReport

Stories of unreported rapes and assaults from women young and old.
Hayley Jones
Alex Jones

Alex Jones And Infowars Just Got Kicked Off Twitter For Good

Twitter said in a tweet that @infowars and @realalexjones had too long violated its “abusive behavior policy.” ​
Emma Ockerman

Louis C.K. Receives Standing Ovation at First Set Since Admitting Sexual Misconduct

Months after confirming sexual misconduct allegations against him, Louis C.K. made a surprise appearance at New York City's comedy cellar last night, where he was greeted warmly by a sold-out crowd.
Sirin Kale
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After My Ex Stalked Me Online, I Saw The Dark Side Of Romantic Obsession

Thanks to a childhood spent watching romantic comedies with forceful male leads, I thought love was persistent and never gave up—until my ex stalked me after our breakup.
Nana Baah
Mass Shooting

A History of Violent Threats Didn’t Stop the Maryland Newsroom Shooter from Buying a Gun

He'd use that same gun to open fire at the Capitol Gazette and allegedly kill five people.
Tess Owen

Mental Illness Is Killing Porn Stars and the Industry Is Taking Action

After five deaths in three months, adult performers are creating their own support networks.
Kaitlyn Severin
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Jason Bateman Apologized for 'Mansplaining' in That Awful 'NYT' Interview

The 'Arrested Development' star made a huge mistake.
River Donaghey

Nearly 70 percent of flight attendants say they've been sexually harassed on the job

But they almost never report it.
Carter Sherman

#MeToo Is Creating a 'Ripple Effect' for Domestic and Farm Workers

Two leading organizers against harassment in domestic and farm work discuss harnessing the power of #MeToo to help give women the courage to fight for each other.
June Barrett
Mily Treviño-Sauceda

The City That Made Misogyny Illegal

In April of 2016, Nottinghamshire Police became the first force in the UK to recognise misogyny as a hate crime. This is what's happened since.
Emily Goddard