How the World's Prisons Look From Within

Photographer Jan Banning takes us into the prisons of Uganda, France, the US and Colombia.
Laura Woods

Photos of Activists Partying Outside Prisons on New Year's Eve

Every year, activists gather outside British prisons to make as much noise as possible in order to make inmates feel more connected to the outside world on the biggest party night of the year.
Chris Bethell
Criminal Justice

PHOTOS: Life on the Streets of San Francisco Through the Lens of Ex-Inmates

Although free, these two men are still fighting to break free of the system.
Keegan Hamilton
Australia Today

Stop Trying to Fly Drugs Into Prisons With Drones

At least six people have tried this in Australia in the past few months. Zero have succeeded.
Gavin Butler
News of Zealand

News of Zealand: Waikeria Prison Overcrowded, Unhygienic

Plus frustration about lack of resources for Māori-language education and foreign tourist to pay more on NZ's Great Walks.
95 bFM
VICE Staff
News of Zealand

News of Zealand: 3000-Bed Mega Prison Dropped

Plus links between health and climate change, and beehives for the Christchurch Red Zone.
95 bFM
VICE Staff
News of Zealand

News of Zealand: Sewage Leaking Into Hospital

Plus new prisons on the way, and a fuel tax for Auckland.
95 bFM
VICE Staff

What I Learned About Writing From the Women Inside New Zealand's Prisons

Writing workshops are usually reserved for the middle class. But now the women of Arohata Prison are the stars.
Charlotte Graham-McLay
News of Zealand

News of Zealand: Contraband and Gangs in Auckland's Prisons

Plus eels dying in Taranaki, the fight for Ihumatao continues, and plans for a mine on the West Coast.
95 bFM
VICE Staff

Drones Keep Trying to Deliver Contraband to Australian Prisons

Corrective Services has busted the third drone in a month.
VICE Staff

What Happens to Prison Inmates Caught in Hurricanes?

Texas prisoners say they went days without running water after Harvey.
Michael Patrick Welch
News of Zealand

News of Zealand: Metiria Turei Under Pressure After Voter Fraud Admission

The Greens co-leader registered outside her electorate to vote for her mate in the McGillycuddy Serious Party, immigration officials under investigation for corruption and National dangles a big transport carrot.
VICE Staff
95 bFM