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Welcome to the Rwandan Village Where Genocide Perpetrators and Victims Live Side by Side

“When one's heart is burdened, you don't see anything good at all. But when you forgive from your heart, you see many good things coming your way.


Some Gazans Are Starting to Blame Hamas, Not Just Israel, for the Territory’s Woes

In March, hundreds of people participated in “We Want to Live” protests, calling on Hamas to improve living conditions and reverse tax hikes.


This California Town Is a Mecca for Retired Sumo Wrestlers

Long Beach has been host to the longest-running and biggest annual sumo tournament outside Japan. And it’s only getting bigger.


How 'Baby Shark' Was Manufactured in a Korean Toddler Entertainment Factory

We visited the set of “Baby Shark” in Korea.


The Final Victory in the Battle Against ISIS Is Now in Sight

The battle is almost over, but for now ISIS fighters are still clinging to their last tiny piece of territory.


'We Have So Few Priests:' Young Catholics Are Afraid for the Future of the Church

The Catholic Church’s summit on protecting children was supposed to be a significant event.


Why Protesters in Haiti Are Demanding the President Step Down

"Where is the PetroCaribe money?"


How Niger Is Giving a Second Chance to Africa’s Most Threatened Giraffe Subspecies

The plight of the giraffe has been called a "silent extinction," but the third-poorest country on earth has managed to buck the trend.


Not Enough Cheetahs Are Making Love. Urine May be the Answer.

Cheetah pee could be the way to get picky felines in the mood.


Venezuelans Are Stuck Between Two Presidents

But most say they plan to stay despite the critical shortages and the mounting political crisis


IBM Might Be Invading Your Cellphone Privacy to Predict the Weather

IBM just turned on the barometer inside your phone.