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This South London Cafe Wants to Showcase the Work of Black Chefs

Mae J’s, named after NASA astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison, is part of The Palms, a new Black hair and beauty hub for Peckham's Afro-Caribbean community.
Carly Lewis-Oduntan

When Christmas Dinner Comes with a Side of Rice and Peas

Migration to any country creates a collision of cultures that often manifests itself in food. As a third-generation British Jamaican, I know this all too well.
Carly Lewis-Oduntan
Food insecurity

Why Some Have No Choice But to Start Buying Christmas Food in October

For those on low incomes or in unstable employment, buying a mountain of food for the Christmas break in one December shop simply isn’t an option.
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Caribbean food

The Windrush Generation Is Still Inspiring Today’s British Caribbean Chefs

“Our mum and grandma taught us the process of how to make the food, prepare it, marinate it overnight, and how to blend different spices and flavours together to compliment each dish.”
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Krept and Konan's Twitter Pun Escalates into Them Opening a Restaurant Called Crepes and Cones

The British rap duo open their first eatery in South London this weekend.
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Jamaican food

Inside the London Bar Inspired By a Jamaican Childhood

Londoner Gordon McGowan grew up in the small Jamaican town of Mandeville. Two years ago, he opened a bar that pays homage to his “beloved little boring town.”
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Why We Can't Stop Looking at Our Screens When We Eat

When was the last time you made dinner without queuing an episode on Netflix first?
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Jamaican food

How Jamaican Patties Became a Beloved British Snack

The meat and vegetable-filled pastry parcels have travelled from Jamaica to the home kitchens of Britain’s first Caribbean migrants, and now the shelves of major UK supermarkets.
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