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Tenants Are Facing 'Revenge Evictions' After Demanding a Rent Reduction

Multiple people in east London face eviction despite having always paid their rent, and say they have been surveilled by agents acting for their billionaire landlord.
Michael Segalov

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep During Lockdown

A rapidly escalating global health crisis can play havoc with your sleeping pattern.
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climate change

The Battle to Save Our Oceans from an Invisible Threat

I joined Greenpeace on the high seas at the end of their year-long project to abolish a severe threat to our oceans.
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climate change

Exclusive: A Dodgy Fishing Practice Might Destroy the Antarctic

VICE are on board a ship with Greenpeace, learning about a process that is ruining the planet and fuelling human rights abuses.
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Zarah Sultana MP: 'When I See Conservatives, I Think About All the Harm They've Caused'

The newly elected young Labour MP tearfully told us it's "devastating" looking across at the government benches.
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Love Island's Iain Stirling: 'I Imagine They Follow the Normal Masturbation Rules'

We asked the 'Winter Love Island' narrator about behind-the-scenes gossip, why the show is so polarising and if he reckons any of this year's Islanders will shag on TV.
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Bogies! Dick and Dom Remember Life in Da Bungalow

We spoke to the iconic kids' TV presenters about the "bogies" era.
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General Election 2019

Jeremy Corbyn's Defeat Isn't the End of Left-Wing Politics

But it does mean that we have to think critically and carefully about where we went wrong.
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Defining Moments

'We Needed to Show We Could Take Over' – Remembering My Part in London's Riots

"It'll happen again, I'm completely certain."
Sephton Henry

'An Officer Played with My Hair' – Climate Protesters Allege Disturbing Police Behaviour

Today, a NetPol report reveals allegations of discrimination against disabled people, unjustifiable force and one officer "playing with a protester's hair".
Michael Segalov

'I'm Terrified I'll Win' – Inside the Most Dramatic MP Race in Britain

A lot has happened in Sheffield Hallam over the past couple of years – so much so that one candidate in this election dropped out before his race had even begun.
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climate protest

Police Tried to Ban XR from Saving the Planet – They Lost

The climate protest group brought a case against the police's use of a draconian blanket ban that stopped any demonstrations throughout London.
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