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'We Needed to Show We Could Take Over' – Remembering My Part in London's Riots

"It'll happen again, I'm completely certain."
Sephton Henry
19 hours ago

'An Officer Played with My Hair' – Climate Protesters Allege Disturbing Police Behaviour

Today, a NetPol report reveals allegations of discrimination against disabled people, unjustifiable force and one officer "playing with a protester's hair".
Michael Segalov

'I'm Terrified I'll Win' – Inside the Most Dramatic MP Race in Britain

A lot has happened in Sheffield Hallam over the past couple of years – so much so that one candidate in this election dropped out before his race had even begun.
Michael Segalov
climate protest

Police Tried to Ban XR from Saving the Planet – They Lost

The climate protest group brought a case against the police's use of a draconian blanket ban that stopped any demonstrations throughout London.
Michael Segalov

For the Stars of 'End of the F***ing World', Everything Has Changed

We spoke to Jess Barden and Alex Lawther ahead of the season two premiere.
Michael Segalov
mental health

A Round-Table Chat About Self-Harm

We spoke to four people in their twenties about their history of self-harm and what they want others to know.
Michael Segalov

'An Ambulance Came the First Time I Got High' – Krept & Konan On Growing Up in South London

Ahead of the release of their new album, 'Revenge Is Sweet', we spoke to the duo about first kisses, date spots and the biggest mistakes they made as teenagers.
Michael Segalov

'There Was a Box Full of Drugs, I'd Get What He Wanted' – Freddie Mercury's PA On His Time with the Star

Peter Freestone spent 12 years by the Queen frontman's side.
Michael Segalov

Watch the First Trailer for 'End of the F***ing World' Season 2

Alyssa is back, and it looks like someone new is out to get her.
Michael Segalov

This British Spy Exposed a Devious US Plot to Justify the Iraq War

Katharine Gun – who's played by Keira Knightley in a forthcoming film – blew the whistle on a dodgy scheme by the American government. This is her story.
Michael Segalov

John McDonnell: 'Any Other Prime Minister Would Have Gone By Now'

We caught up with the Shadow Chancellor earlier today, after the Supreme Court ruled that Boris Johnson had prorogued Parliament illegally.
Michael Segalov

Professor Green Makes an Excellent Roast

We met the rapper in his south London home to talk about coming up, the emotional battles of making documentaries, selling drugs and the benefits of posting a good roast on Instagram.
Michael Segalov