Oobah Butler


I Sent Fake Versions of Myself On TV and Everyone Fell for It

I'm no good at doing press for my shed story, so thought it might be fun to get some other people to do it instead.
Oobah Butler

I Invented a Fake Friendship With Russell Brand to Get Free Stuff

Armed with Instagram, a lookalike and a face-swapping app, I managed to swindle free pizza, clothes and even a hotel suite.
Oobah Butler
the internet

A Timeline of the 24 Hours After I Went Viral

I made my shed the top-rated restaurant in London on TripAdvisor. This is what happened afterwards.
Oobah Butler
michelin guide

I Made My Shed the Top Rated Restaurant On TripAdvisor

And then served customers Iceland ready meals on its opening night.
Oobah Butler
happy hour

Touring the Worst-Rated Nightspots in... Stoke!

Where the drinks are cheap and the tops come off.
Oobah Butler

I Let My Instagram Followers Dictate My Life and Ended Up 250 Miles from Home

Via a Scientology centre and a private drinks event at the Tate.
Oobah Butler

I Bullshitted My Way to the Top of Paris Fashion Week

And in doing so, made a market stall jeans brand the toast of PFW.
Oobah Butler
happy hour

Touring the Worst Rated Nightspots in... Birmingham!

What does the UK's second city have to offer?
Oobah Butler

I Went On 'Eggheads' Just to Fuck with Them

The episode aired last night; you may have seen people taking the piss out of me on Twitter.
Oobah Butler
public services

I Broke Some Old Laws in Front of Police to See If They’d Arrest Me

And made some commuters feel very uncomfortable in the process.
Oobah Butler
happy hour

Touring the Worst-Rated Nightspots in... Manchester!

We went on a bar crawl of the internet's most hated places, including what's been voted the "worst club in the UK".
Oobah Butler
Chris Tarrant

Chris Tarrant Talks the Coughing Major, 'Man O Man' and Hitler

The host of 'Chris Tarrant's Extreme Railways' has always been a cultural bellwether, you just might not have noticed it.
Oobah Butler