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What Some British Muslims Make of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

"Unfortunately, some people are so bored of politics that they see him as charming, funny and relatable. It will be tragic."
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Five Queer British Muslims On The LGBTQ+ Lessons Row

"Queer Muslim voices in this debate are the most important. We can’t continue to have conversations about marginalised groups without them leading those conversations."
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Exploring the Legacy of 'The Satanic Verses' 30 Years On

We spoke to journalist Mobeen Azhar about his new VICE Studios documentary for BBC Two.
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Ink Spots

'Suspira' is the Zine Looking at Horror Through a Feminist Lens

With each issue exploring a different archetype of fear and fascination, 'The Fetish' issue examines the relationship between the horror genre and female sexuality.
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We Asked Vegans If They Should Be Given the Same Protections as Religious People

A tribunal next March will decide whether veganism is a philosophical or religious belief, but what do you lot think?
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Six PoC Students' Advice for Getting Through University

"The spike in race-related incidents on campuses doesn't surprise me – I specifically stayed in London for that reason."
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Inside ‘Hungama’, an LGBTQ+ Bollywood Night in an East London Strip Club

It's rare that South Asian clubbers can come together to celebrate queer culture, but this new night at Metropolis provides just that.
Salma Haidrani

Inside the ‘Big Gay Iftar’ Creating a Safe Space for LGBTQ+ Muslims

With many queer Muslims estranged from their families because of their sexuality, London’s yearly Big Gay Iftar welcomes all to break the Ramadan fast.
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Photography Celebrating the Spectrum of Black Masculinity

"As trivial as this may sound, this is for the black men who want to sing Beyoncé at the top of their lungs but hold it in because they feel their masculinity will be challenged or invalidated. It’s okay! 'Single Ladies' is a jam. Let it out."
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Bengali Food

This Blogger Wants to Make Bengali Food Instagram-Famous

Thahmina Haseen is quietly leading the UK’s Bengali food revolution.
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supper clubs

These Sisters Want to Make Supper Clubs More Inclusive

“I’ve been to many supper clubs in London where I’ve been the only person of colour in a room of over 30 people."
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Documenting the Diverse Stories of Muslims Throughout the UK

We spoke to the photographer behind a new project, "Reclaiming Muslim".
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