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An Indian Woman Sold Her Baby to Make Ends Meet During Lockdown. She Isn’t the First

Daily wage labourers and migrant workers hit by poverty are being driven to desperate measures to survive. 
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India’s High Demand for Drugs in Lockdown Is Making Dealers Take More Risks

Since the enforcement of lockdown, India’s drug busts are seeing higher quantities of opium and marijuana as dealers attempt to smuggle drugs through creative ways.
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Indian Women Are Being Sexually Assaulted Even While in COVID-19 Isolation

There have been at least four different cases, either of sexual assault or stalking, in July.
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Environmental Websites Leading The Movement Against India’s Controversial New Proposal Are Blocked

Digital movements leading the campaign against the draft EIA 2020 are inexplicably inaccessible amidst growing internet censorship in the pandemic.
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The Face of India’s Virus Awareness Campaign Has COVID-19. His VIP Treatment Highlights The Inequality in Healthcare Access

Indian film legend Amitabh Bachchan and his son Abhishek were admitted to an isolation facility with mild symptoms, even as patients needing critical care are unable to access medical treatment.
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Indian Cops Under Investigation for Tipping off Gangster Ahead of Raid That Killed Eight Colleagues

Vikas Dubey – with 60 cases including murder, extortion and looting in his name – also has deeply-entrenched political affiliations in Uttar Pradesh state.
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The Indian Government Is Pushing to Include Transgender People in its Paramilitary Forces

But trans rights activists are worried this move may further exclude them from society.
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police brutality

Custodial Killing of a Father and Son in Tamil Nadu Exposes India’s Police Brutality Problem

The incident has opened a can of worms on the frequency of police excesses in the country.
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Black Lives Matter

How The Black Lives Matter Movement is Impacting India’s Obsession With Light Skin

Not only are India’s top skin-whitening brands removing the word "fair" from products or discontinuing them, even matrimonial websites are doing away with skin colour filters.
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The VICE Guide to Right Now

You Can Now Swim with Robot Dolphins to Save the Real Ones from Captivity

An animatronic dolphin created by a special effects company is a step towards solving the ethical issue of keeping wildlife in caged spaces.
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India Doesn’t Have Enough COVID-19 Beds. Now it Wants to Make the 'World's Largest' Makeshift Hospital

Delhi, already struggling to cope with its 44,000 cases, is scrambling to prepare for 450,000 infections in 45 days.
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COVID-19 Has Overwhelmed India’s Ability to Dispose of Its Dead

Bodies are accumulating in hospitals as the nation's morgues and crematoriums are flooded.
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