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Why Is Steve Coogan So Hot? An Investigation

The image of Steve Coogan is twinned with the image of Alan Partridge, who really should not be a British sex symbol, and yet...
Hannah Williams

We Spoke to Armando Iannucci About Stalin, Weinstein and Alan Partridge

Ahead of the release of his latest directorial feature, 'The Death of Stalin'.
Daniel Dylan Wray
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​A Worryingly Deep Dive into Alan Partridge's Enduring Love Affair with Formula 1

In a career spanning more than 25 years, Alan Partridge has become a towering figure in British comedy. And while he has largely abandoned his roots as a sports reporter, Alan has remained true to his first love: Formula 1.
Jim Weeks

Alan Partridge's First Pill, and a Brief History of Pingers on British Television

Norwich's favourite radio DJ danced til 8AM and couldn't stop talking about Lewis Hamilton.
Angus Harrison
The Noisey Guide to

The Noisey Guide To ABBA

Know this: ABBA are not disco schmaltz. For starters, their songs are full of perfectly pitched pathos and they've never once sold out. No wonder Bob Dylan loves them…
Cam Lindsay

​A Brief History of Football in British Comedy

There's nothing stupid about football. And there's nothing at all stupid about the annual all-priests five-a-side over-75s indoor football challenge match.
VICE Sports

I've Never Watched Any Comedy – Why Does That Make Me An Imbecile?

I'd rather watch a pigeon shitting into a footballer's mouth for seven seconds than an episode of The Office.
David Whelan

How to Be Witty

We spoke to the guy whose new book can apparently turn any loser into a pithy legend.
David Whelan

Werner Herzog Made a Documentary About the Dangers of Texting While Driving

And more film stuff from the Grolsch Film Works blog.
Grolsch Film Works