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An Ex-FBI Agent Explains Everything Wrong with the Kavanaugh Probe

From witnesses being able to just avoid the feds until the clock runs out to hamstrung agents and an enraged public, it could get ugly.


All the News You Need to Read Today

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The 'Rosé All Day' Movement Is Trivialising Alcoholism

Have you been drinking up the message that we should be chugging pink wine, all the time? You might want to consider what's behind it.


What Two Nights of Heavy Drinking a Week in Your Twenties Does to You

Will two to three nights on the sesh really make much of an impact in the long-term? I must know.


Older Women Are Drinking More and More, Study Says

"Older women may be especially at risk for alcohol problems."


The Scary Relationship Between Drinking Problems and Gun Crime

Alcohol abuse may be the single best predictor of whether you commit gun violence in America.


How Many People Are Actually Vaping Alcohol?

Although it is legal in the US to vape alcohol if you are over, in some states it is illegal to buy, sell or use vaping devices made specifically for alcohol.


Scientists Have Found the Brain Cells that Tell You When to Stop Drinking

Science is finally starting to grasp why the human brain, which is designed to protect us from making stupid decisions, continues to whisper “one more,” when we are already in the throes of hardcore drinking.