Noisey Hitlist

Princess Chelsea Writes DIY Pop Songs That Subvert the Rules

Today we’re premiering the Auckland musician’s new track and video “I Love My Boyfriend.”
Daisy Jones
The Restless Youth Issue

Auckland's Youngest Mayoral Candidate Didn't Win, but Will She Make It to Parliament?

Chlöe Swarbrick came third in a field of 19, but even this was an achievement.
James Borrowdale
Question Of The Day

We Asked People to Show Us the Most Recently Deleted Photo on Their Phones

Weekend acid trips, gym selfies, and stolen cheese—what they hoped they'd never see again.
VICE Staff
Restaurant Confessionals

What It’s Like as a Waitress to Watch Your Messy Valentine’s Day Tinder Date

Valentine’s Day is the same in every restaurant I’ve worked at but a couple of years ago, I watched one customer accidentally arrange two Tinder dates for the same night.

Cut Off Your Hands Return with a Song About Shitty, Super Wealthy Neighbours

The New Zealand band release their first song in five years.
Max Oldfield

Auckland's White Lady Food Truck Is Where Burger Heaven and History Collide

Whether you come to the White Lady food truck to sop up one-too-many hand grenades or come sober, the burgers are an Auckland institution that even Action Bronson is getting behind.
Courteney Peters
Action Bronson

The Crispy Ham Hocks at This New Zealand Restaurant Give Action Bronson the Feels

When Depot opened on Auckland’s Federal Street in 2011, many Kiwis lost their minds over an inimitable experience that evokes unexpected—and welcomed—feelings.
Courteney Peters
festivals 2016

Is K Road the Best Damn Street In New Zealand?

We went to the Others Way Festival to find out what people think of Auckland’s most notorious street.
Frances Morton

In Loving Memory of One of New Zealand's Oldest Strip Clubs

For 53 years, Las Vegas was the seedy, beating heart of Auckland's K Road. We talked to the filmmaker who made a short documentary about its final days.
Julian Morgans

New Zealand's Top Tattoo Artists Talk About the Most Awkward Requests They've Gotten

"I remember this guy came into the studio with no tattoos and wanted a sperm coming out of each corner of his mouth."
Beatrice Hazlehurst

I Was in a High School Rock Band with Russell Crowe

We were called The Interrogatives and we sucked, but we were pretty sure we were setting the world on fire.

A Masked Couple Creeped the Shit Out of Auckland Yesterday

Auckland's police were called on two kids creeping around holding guns. We still don't know what they were doing.
Emma Do