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These Dirty Cops Framed Random Black People to Pad Crime Stats

"What happened here is so horrific, it strikes at the core of injustice."


The Long, Brutal Saga of the Ex-Cop Called the 'Golden State Killer'

A 72-year-old's arrest suggests the terror also known as the "East Area Rapist" and the "Original Night Stalker" has finally been caught.


The Disturbing Lawsuit by the Cops Charged in Freddie Gray's Death

Now that the criminal case against them has collapsed, these Baltimore cops are going after their prosecutor.


Cops Are Abandoning Their Favorite Interrogation Technique Because It Doesn't Work

Claustrophobic rooms and the presumption of guilt have been accepted practice for decades—and a staple of shows like 'Law and Order.' But actual cops are changing their ways.


Meet the Former NYPD Chief Who Made a Career Out of Putting Dirty Cops Behind Bars

Charles Campisi didn't want to be a rat, but someone had to at least try and keep tabs on the worst of New York's finest.


We Asked Three Veteran Cops How to Reduce Police Shootings

Former cops offer ideas for how America can get its police shooting epidemic under control.


When Someone You Love Dies in Police Custody and They Blame 'Excited Delirium'

Many cops are taught that some people lose it, gain superhuman strength, and die. But is the condition real?


Why I Hated Being a Cop

But I'm no cop hater: I was crippled in the line of duty, with the boot they cut off me at the hospital to prove it.


What We Know About 'GI Joe', the Illinois Cop Who Staged His Own Murder

After months of politically-charged investigation, local police announced Wednesday that Charles Joseph "GI Joe" Gliniewicz's death was in fact a suicide.


A New Report Shows How Often American Cops Sexually Assault Civilians

A new Associated Press investigation revealed that from 2009 to 2014, 1,000 police officers were stripped of their badges due to sexual misconduct


​A Boston Detective Is Facing Charges After Allegedly Jerking Off Naked in Public

The 19-year veteran, who was involved in a police-brutality case that the city settled in 2012, is accused of open and gross lewdness.


A Texas Cop Is in Jail For Allegedly Paying a Hitman to Murder His Pregnant Girlfriend

After fleeing to Indonesia, former Austin Police Officer VonTrey Clark is facing murder charges and the possibility of the death penalty in a state that loves executions.