Privacy and Perception Issue

The Affirming – But Bittersweet – Experience of Watching YouTube Coming-Out Videos

I expected the clips from LGBTQ vloggers to be too earnest and saccharine, but I fell down the wormhole anyway.
Amelia Abraham

The Blogger Who Took on ISIS

"Obviously I was scared that ISIS would find out where I was and kill me, but I was more worried about the horrible things they would do to my family."
Moustafa Saadoun

Blogger Sues Food Network for Allegedly Copying Her Cupcake Recipe

Recipes aren't typically covered by copyright law, but expression is.
Alex Swerdloff
A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: "A Milli"

Welcome to a new blog series about the greatest rapper of all time, starting with his best song.
Kyle Kramer

Dmitrij Is Dying and Writes All About It on His Blog

The 25-year-old details his life with stage 4 cancer on his blog "Dying With Swag".
Stefanie Diemand

I Went to a Female Blogger Conference to Learn More About the Career I Accidentally Fell Into

I've never felt a passionate desire to express my "truth" to a wide audience, or to monetize said truth. I just met a guy at an awful open mic years ago, he became an editor at this website, and the rest was herstory.
Megan Koester
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Australian Wellness Blogger Who Lied About Beating Cancer is Back

Belle Gibson failed to appear in court to face charges that she lied about having brain cancer to sell more copies of her book and app, the Whole Pantry.
VICE Staff

Living as a 'Digital Nomad' Is Like One Super-Long Vacation

A growing number of people who can do their jobs from laptops are realising they don't have to be burdened with a permanent "home."
David Jagneaux
Photo School

The Art of Calling Bullshit

We interviewed a nonprofit art critic.
Matthew Leifheit
Internet Exploring

Kanye West, the Blogger: Remembering, the Brilliantly Insane Blog of Yeezus

Before he ranted to Jimmy Kimmel, he ranted with his keys.
Pretty Girl Bullshit

Oh No, Louise Mensch Has Started Writing a 'Feminist' Fashion Blog

What is she doing, trying to put me out of a job?
Bertie Brandes