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Step into the Ring with Boxing Superfan Jenny Lewis

We talked to the singer about how a head injury led her to develop an obsession with boxing.
Mark Ortega

British Boxer and US Heavyweight Champion Allegedly Get into Chicken-Hurling Fight in Nando’s

Modern masculinity, folks.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Paddy Considine Talks About His One Great Love

The actor has written and directed a new film, 'Journeyman', about one of his biggest passions: boxing.
Christina Newland
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Russell Crowe Is on the Market, and So Are All His Prized Possessions

He's auctioning off part of Denzel Washington's chair, prop horses from 'Gladiator,' and a protective thong to celebrate his divorce.
Drew Schwartz

The Kray Twins and Boxing: Remembering a Lifelong Passion for Violence

From the boxing booths of East London, the Kray Twins rose to become Britain’s most notorious criminals of the 1960s. Here, we take a deep dive into their lifelong passion for the sweet science.
Jim Weeks

A Brutally Honest Look at Mike Tyson Versus Muhammad Ali

Though they hit their primes decades apart, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson remain the two most popular names in boxing. We take a look at the ins and outs of the hypothetical match up to end them all.
Jack Slack
Charles Bronson

Check Out the Only Known Fight Footage of Charles Bronson

"Britain's Most Violent Prisoner" is both a brute and, surprisingly, a bit of a sweet scientist.
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I Cheered for Floyd Mayweather Because We’re Both Black Men and I Regret It

And it's deeper than just skin colour. It's also the systems that make that an issue.
Noel Ransome
Noisey News

Justin Bieber Unfollowed Floyd Mayweather on IG and Things Got ‘Nuclear’

Being the source of wrath of a five-division boxing world champion must be interesting.
Noisey Staff
racism in boxing

A History of Racial Epithets In Boxing

From the time of Jack Johnson all the way up to the nineties heyday of British boxing, race has been used to define fighters and ethnicity used to sell fights.
Will Magee

Lenny McLean vs. Roy Shaw: Battle of the Guv’nors

When two of London's hardest mob enforcers went to war in the brutal and dirty world of unlicensed boxing.
Alexander Reynolds

Controversial Decision Aside, Manny Pacquiao Looks Washed Up

Many feel that Manny Pacquiao did enough to beat new WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn in Brisbane this weekend, but the real story is that the Philippine senator is no longer among the sport’s elite.
Alex Raskin