chicken nuggets


The Latest Cruelty-Free Meat Is Chicken Nuggets Grown from Feathers

Some geniuses have figured out a way to take a single feather and make it into tender nugs. Just don't call them 'lab-grown.'


McDonald's Happy Meal Ads Allowed During Children’s TV, Says Watchdog

The Advertising Standards Agency, however, deems Coco Pops and KFC "junk food."


4,000 Strangers Are Eating McNuggets Together This Friday Thanks to a Viral Facebook Event

“I'm going to get some Chicken McNuggets if anyone wants to come get some. Will probably get some sweet 'n’ sour sauce to go along with it idk.”


Making Chicken Nuggets Is Way Easier Than You'd Think

Who needs fast food chains when you can make your own nuggets?


Homemade Chicken Nuggets

The best part of making your nuggets at home is that you know exactly what is going into them.


'Game of Thrones' Fans Ruined a London Play by Loudly Eating Chicken Nuggets

An award-winning theater producer is pretty mad about 'GOT' fans eating McDonald's and crunchy snacks throughout showings of Kit Harrington's play.


Frozen Chicken Nuggets Will Definitely Give You Heartburn

I've been eating frozen chicken nuggets for this review column, and the gurgling heartburn I've experienced has led me to chomp Tums like they were as tasty and plentiful as the nuggets that caused my stomach acids to go into overdrive.


How to Make McDonald's at Least Nine Times Better

It's been a cruddy 2015 for the world's largest fast food chain, with continually falling sales and some very unhappy staff. Here's what the company could do to turn it all around.