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Jewish Organisations Call for Investigation Into 'Racist' Booklet Available at Tory Conference

An author of "Moralitis" told VICE that critics have been "triggered" as Tories distance themselves from bizarre the propaganda booklet that was available at a conference fringe meeting.
Simon Childs
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The 'Deeply Worrying' Far-Right Booklets Distributed at Tory Conference

The booklets, handed out at a conference fringe meeting, reference "the Great Replacement" and the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory "cultural Marxism".
Simon Childs
Tory Conference

Don't Believe the Headlines About Boris's Big Speech

The big speech being touted as a leadership challenge told us nothing new.
Simon Childs
Tory Conference

Don't Worry About Brexit, Insist Terrifying Tory Fantasists

And some of the other mad stuff we've heard at conference so far.
Simon Childs
The British Dream

How Far-Right Rhetoric Became the New Normal

Our politics podcast looks at how racist dogwhistles and fascist apologia infiltrated the national conversation.
Simon Childs
Tory Islamophobia

Boris Johnson's 'Nice Chap' Image Isn't Nice at All

It's not that he's concealing his evil with an affable image. The whole package is rotten.
Tom Whyman
Tory Islamophobia

How Long Can the Tories Ignore Their Islamophobia Problem?

After Boris Johnson's attention-seeking racist article, the pressure is building for them to finally take the issue seriously.
Simon Childs

The Tories Have Given Up On Talking About Fighting Injustice

Theresa May never really "parked Conservative tanks on Labour's lawn".
Solomon Hughes

How Theresa May Led Hardcore Tory Brexiteers Into a Trap

She swerved a proper rebellion by playing everyone else off against each other.
Gavin Haynes
Tory Islamophobia

The Tories' Islamophobia Problem Isn't Going Anywhere

At least six candidates remain suspended as an anti-hate organisation distances itself from a whitewash.
Simon Childs

A Philosophical Guide to Tory Evil

Why? Just why do they do it?
Tom Whyman
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Tory MP with History of Islamophobia Was a Member of Racist Facebook Groups

Bob Blackman MP removed himself from the groups when contacted by VICE, and insists he never knew he had been added to them.
Joe Lo