London's Nightlife's Not Dead, It's Just On the Move

As two of Dalston's most iconic venues close, and Hackney gets increasingly hostile towards new venues, we just need to look slightly further afield.
Tom Usher
First Dates

I Took Kate Nash to an East End Pool Club on a First Date

And we mainly spoke about mushrooms, the internet and astrology.
Daisy Jones

The Officer Being Investigated Over Rashan Charles' Death Has History On His Side

The policeman is being investigated for "gross misconduct", but history shows us this kind of thing rarely leads to any serious action.
Leah Cowan
Noisey Hitlist

If You Haven’t Heard 19-Year Old Suzi Wu, Then You Need to Hear Her Debut EP

'Teenage Witch' sounds exactly like how London feels.
Daisy Jones
Fast Food Week

The Chicken Shop Is London

For many Londoners, particularly those of us who are black or brown, chicken shops are more than just a place to eat. Your local shop symbolises your ends (Morley’s in South London, Sam’s in North) and the people in your community.
Bridget Minamore

Looking Back at Labyrinth, the East London Rave that Still Lives Long in the Memory

We spoke to Joe Wieczorek, promoter of the legendary Dalston club night.
Nick Thompson
thump exclusive mix

You'll Be Rewinding this Exclusive Loefah and Fabio Mix Time and Time Again

Check out a blistering 90 minute pair of sets ahead of the duo's show at the Nest tomorrow night.
Josh Baines

Does It Matter That Nightlife for Queer Women in London Is Kinda Dead?

The LGBTQ clubs we have left are still primarily considered spaces for gay men – and thats not changing anytime soon.
Daisy Jones

Up Close and Personal with London's Market Stall Traders

London's markets are the heart of the city, but they are endangered by supermarkets, online ordering and gentrification. We spoke to the people who are still trading, week in, week out.
Alice Zoo
Israeli Cuisine

A Modern Israeli Food Tour of London

To better understand Israeli cooking in Britain today, I joined The Barbary chef Eyal Jagermann and Oxford anthropologist Joel Hart to eat my way around a Turkish grill house, Middle Eastern confectioners, beigel shop, and Iraqi fish joint.
Barclay Bram
Japanese cuisine

Chicken Butts Make the Best Skewers

London's Jidori restaurant serves the ancient Japanese cuisine of yakitori, chicken poked onto wooden sticks and set over hot coals. “We use every part of the chicken. The liver, the heart, the bum,” says owner Brett Redman.
Laura Martin
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Gözleme and Gungo Peas at a 19th Century Street Market

Welcome to The Last Bite, our new column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments in a ramen-slurping, matcha latte-sipping, novelty cafe-obsessed world. First, we visit London's Ridley Road Market.
Maya Oppenheim