Determining the Definitive Drake Face

'Scorpion' is here, so there's never been a better time to sculpt the Boy's Mount Rushmore of moods with this comprehensive list.


Inside the Manchester Restaurant That Serves Drake’s Favourite Butter Chicken

Every time Drake is in Manchester, he visits Zouk, an unassuming Indian eatery down a quiet side street. According to owners Tayub and Mudassar Amjad, their butter chicken is the best he ever had.


Watch Tyra Banks Smash Food in Drake's Face at The Cheesecake Factory

The video for "Child's Play" gets real when Tyra Banks starts an altercation with Drizzy at The Cheesecake Factory after catching him cheating. Food fight!


People with Drake Tattoos Explain Their Lifelong Pledge to the 6ix God

"I got more than a thing for you, tattoo and ink for you."


What Happened When Drake Poached My Photo for His Instagram

The 6 God broke my heart and my social media.


It's Here, We've Arrived: This Drake Monologue is Peak Drake

In some ways, it's like Views is going to be the final chapter in the great sociological experiment that has been Drake.


Drake’s Secret Weapon, Majid Jordan Take You Inside Toronto's Musical Golden Age

Ahead of a North American tour, the duo discuss listening to music while driving, working with Drizzy and their on point hair game.


Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Video Is Boring, But it Doesn’t Matter

As his fandom widens, what Drake needs to do to please them will continue to become more and more basic.


Drake’s #IfYoureReadingThisItsTooLate Raises Important Questions

This isn’t just a gift for the fans, it’s a political inferno siding Drake with Lil Wayne in the ongoing Cash Money feud.


The Battle of the Fake Drake

Two guys on Instagram look sort of like Drake... but who did it better?