Energy Drinks


I Drank a 15-Year-Old Can of Nelly's Pimp Juice and Time-Traveled to 2003

I used to down these as afterschool snacks when I was a teen, but drinking one as an adult felt like a one-way ticket directly into the void.


All the News You Want to Read Today

Emails read and replied to while commuting should count as work, researchers say.


All the News You Need to Read Today

Read it all here so you don't have to go on Twitter.


Monster Energy Is Being Sued by Five Women for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

The company claims that the women are “disgruntled employees.”


British Supermarkets Will Ban Energy Drinks for People Under 16

Public pressure to ban the drinks has been mounting due to their dangerously high caffeine content.


Study Suggests Link Between Energy Drinks and Cocaine Use

Surprising, or not so much?


You Can Now Buy Vodka Red Bull Sausages

Who doesn’t want to pound a link or two of bratwurst before hitting the town?


Death by Caffeine Overdose Isn't as Uncommon as You'd Think

The recent death of a South Carolina teen reopens questions about how much caffeine is too much when it comes to energy drinks and coffee.


Scientists Say That Extra Buzz from Red Bull and Vodka Is All in Your Head

Red Bull might not actually give you wings.


Woman on the Run for Years After Poisoning Her Husband’s Cereal to Get Out Of Sex

"I wouldn't use that much to kill him, but just enough to make him not have an erection."


Your Love of Energy Drinks Could Give You Hepatitis

Energy drink enthusiasts can sleep well at night worrying about the risk of catching hepatitis, too.


We Called Coke Dealers to Ask If They're Worried That Red Bull and Vodka 'Has the Same Effect as Cocaine'

Is it going to dent their business now everybody knows they can just down a couple of raging bulls rather than spending £80 on shitty gear?