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Inside the Glass Studio of a Guy Who Makes £80,000 Pipes

In this week's First-Person Shooter, we gave a camera to the glass guru behind Jop Glass, a studio that makes pipes for rappers and serious smokers. The man even built a three-foot-tall baby with six arms you can smoke out of. Holy hemp!


What It's Like to Work at a Nevada Brothel

We gave two cameras to Alissa, a sex worker at a legal brothel in Las Vegas. She photographed the space, the ladies and told us a bit about her lifestyle.


Being a Craft Beer Brewer Is Just as Chill as You Think

In this edition of First-Person Shooter, we sent some cameras to a guy who makes quality beer at a microbrewery in Oregon. He might have one of the best jobs.


Photos of Artisanal Dildos at a Sexual Health Expo

In this installment of First-Person Shooter, we gave some disposable cameras to sex toy shop owner Zoë Ligon before she attended a sexual health expo.


A Day in the Life of a New York City Skater

Leo Gutman took these disposable-camera shots while "riding the Milky Way of tar."


Summer Is Over, Clean Your Own Fucking Pond

Photos an LA pond scum cleaner took on the job before he called his boss and quit.


Family-Friendly Photos of Life on a Tobacco Farm

For this week's First-Person Shooter, we handed two cameras to the fourth-generation owner of a mid-sized tobacco farm in South Carolina.


Photos of a Day in the Life of a Real-Life Superhero

For this week's First-Person Shooter, we handed two cameras to a self-described real-life superhero who patrols the streets of Missouri in costume.


This Mixed-Reality Gaming Gun Is Hardcore

VRsenal and Invrse Studios recently teamed up to bring the VR-15 rifle controller to the sniper game ‘The Nest’. Take a look.


The Definitely-Not-Sober Faces of Guests in a Colorado Hostel

This week, we handed two disposable cameras to the desk clerk at a downtown Denver hostel. Here's what he saw.


Photos from a Day in the Life of a Professional Knife-Maker

We handed two cameras to Adam, a knife maker from North Carolina who's crafting coveted knives for the past five years.


Photos of a Dairy Farmer Milking Some Cute Cows

In this week's installment of First-Person Shooter, we gave two disposable cameras to a dairy farmer in upstate New York who snapped pics of herself milking and artificially inseminating a bunch of adorable cows.