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It Shouldn't Be This Hard to Stage Black Music in Manchester

Meet the producers and promoters getting creative about the city's history of pushing grime and hip-hop to the margins.


Cardiff's Music Scene Has Reached Crisis Point

With the recent closure of two key venues and a proposed Wetherspoons hotel now looming, the Welsh capital’s Womanby Street cultural hub stands on a knife edge.


Waltzers and War Dubs: A Look Inside Blackpool’s Burgeoning Grime Scene

It might have more of a reputation for ballroom and donkey rides, but it's the direct and defiant sound of grime that is now thriving in lower class neighbourhoods of the Lancashire borough.


How The UK Floods Proved The Importance of DIY Scenes to Local Music Communities

Extreme circumstances in Leeds stirred up an invigorated DIY spirit that has been spreading throughout the UK’s independent music scenes.


The Curse of Bury St Edmunds: Why No Bands Ever Made It From The Town John Peel Dubbed “the New Seattle”

In 2002 Rolling Stone named it the number two “capital of culture” in the world. What happened?


How Bristol's Music Scene is Built on a Legacy of Sound System Culture

A new photography exhibition from Al 'Fingers' Newman is shedding light on the 60s and 70s communities that re-shaped UK culture.


South Wales Was the New Seattle? Total Bollocks

Funeral For A Friend’s Matthew Davies-Kreye dissects the South Wales post-hardcore scene of the early 00s, and how the hype both galvanized it and tore it apart.


An Expert's Guide to Getting Shitfaced in Manchester

Beyond the sterile scene in the city centre, you'll find an underground club culture that's bursting with change.


Does it Really Suck to Grow Up Outside of London in a Shit Town Like Basingstoke?

London is Britain's cultural hub. But there are important things outside of the capital too, namely the local music scenes.


No Money, No Space, No Time: How London Has Forced out Musicians

It didn't used to be this bad. What the hell went wrong?


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Meet the DIY Music Collectives of Leeds That Are Killing It in Spite of Austerity

Spaces like Chunk and nights like Cosmic Slop are forging a city-wide atmosphere of togetherness.