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The Most Haunted Items from This Year's 'Bake Off'

Some real spooky stuff in here.


Ruby Tandoh Wants You to Fall Back in Love with Your Appetite

The food writer and former Great British Bake Off contestant's new book dismantles diet culture and food fads to celebrate eating exactly what you want.


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A reviewer who is none-the-wiser about Bake Off's new look, because he's never seen a minute of it until now.


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Brits Spend More Time Looking at Food on Instagram Than Cooking

New market research from OnePoll shows that most of us would rather look at food on social media or watch cooking shows than get into the kitchen.


Judging the ‘Great British Bake Off’ Contestants Based Entirely on Their Press Shots

That show you pretend you're too cool to like but secretly really, really like is back. But who's going to win?


Ruby Tandoh Won’t Judge You for Ordering a Cappuccino with Extra Chocolate

With her Guardian baking column and food positive tweets, the former Great British Bake Off star has become a champion of guilt-free eating. “If I’m making something, that’s gonna make me feel good,” she says. “Whatever it is—healthy, unhealthy.”


Olive Oil and Chocolate Chip Cookies

We've all been there: Ready for an afternoon of baking cookies only to discover there is no butter. Fear not–olive oil will make the perfect (and dare we say, better?) substitute.


The Disgusting Truth About The Great British Bake Off

It's so boring that even the "diehard fans" I watched it with in a pub didn't seem to care.