To Hell And Back

In Defense of Heavy Metal Gimmicks

We wrestle with the meaning of the word in a post-Neckbeard Deathcamp world, and share new tunes from Ultha, Devil Master, Smoulder, Black Viper, and more.
Kim Kelly

Metalheads Are Terrible at Confronting the Grim Realities of Death

On "Resting in Power" and metal's fear of the dark.
Christopher Krovatin

This Trans Metalhead Stepmom Is Making a Historic Run for Office in Virginia

Danica Roem is not only the first transgender person to run for the Virginia House of Delegates​—she’s also the first member of a metal band to do so.
Kim Kelly
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Presidential Death Match: GWAR Rain Blood at The Gathering of the Juggalos

They decapitated a giant robotic Barack Obama, made Hillary and The Donald fight to the death, and covered the crowd in pink fluids. Just another live set from the Virginian metal band.
Nate "Igor" Smith

Meet Hevisaurus, the Heavy Metal Dinosaur Band That Scandinavian Kids Are Obsessed With

They are bloodthirsty warrior beasts, yes, but bloodthirsty warrior beasts that drink milk, eat cookies, and stay in school, YEAH!
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

GWAR, the World's Only "Openly Extraterrestrial" Band, Gave a TED Talk About Regional Identity

It started with a human sacrifice and ended with a concise lesson about race relations and economic struggle.
Emma Garland

More Photos from the Sausage Castle, Florida's Weirdest Party House

Like a strip club or casino, time seems to stops once you're inside the Sausage Castle.
Mitchell Sunderland
Objectively Correct Lists

Congrats on Starting a Record Label, Pornhub! Here Are Some Artists You Should Sign

Some free advice for you, you beautiful mavens of internet pornography.
Dan Ozzi

Tits That Spew Blood, Eating French People - Yes, GWAR are Back.

Introducing their two newest members Blothar and Vulvatron
Joe Zadeh

Nothing Personal: Babymetal Don't Like Answering Questions

I met up with the J-Pop infused metal group to try to understand the Babymetal phenomenon and had nearly all my questions cast aside.
In Memoriam

R.I.P. Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus of GWAR

At last, Oderus Urungus is free.
Drew Millard

Gwar Are Laughing At You, Not With You

"I can also suck my own dick. It’s not so much of a feat when you consider it’s three feet long. Actually, it’s not a dick at all, but I still enjoy sucking it."
Eric Sundermann