2018 Was the Year Veganism Lost Its Status as a Moral Signifier

This year, vegans split into the mainstreamers who buy their ready meals from Tesco, and the pious activists who refuse to change their methods.


An Ode to Spring and 2008-2012’s Hipster Runoff Generation

Surely someone out there shares my passion for those post-recession years in mp3 blog music? Hello????


Fifteen Things We’ve Lost in the Last Fifteen Years

RIP Music Journalism, Cyber Sex and the USA.


What Would You Give Up to Get Uber Back?

With Uber set to lose its London licence for good, we asked some sad millennials what they would do to get it back.


I Revisited My Favourite Books From High School and They're Still Sick

"Scar Tissue" by Anthony Kiedis is as powerful as ever.


A Potted History Of Hipster Football Managers

From Gusztáv Sebes to Thomas Tuchel via Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, there is an esoteric breed of football manager who supposedly appeal to hipster fans. Here’s how the phenomenon of the hipster manager came to be.


Vinyl Is About to Become a Billion-Dollar Industry

A great opportunity for the Financial Times to talk about “hipsters.”


Inside Portland’s First Hipster-Themed Convenience Store

Visitors to Mini Mart can drink on-tap kombucha and craft beer, and pick up packs of American Spirit cigarettes in cool, detached style.


I Spent 24 Hours Around Berlin's Dingiest Square

When I get out of the U8 train at Berlin's Kottbusser Tor station at 5AM on a Thursday, three men dressed in rags raise their beer bottles to greet me, grinning with the few remaining teeth they have.


My Slice of Life with the Pizza Underground

Playing in a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band with Macaulay Culkin taught me more about the nature of celebrity – and pizza – than I'd bargained for.


In China, There’s a Hipster Yak Coffee Joint Run by Tibetan Nomads

Outfitted with aged wood panels and dangling Edison-style bulbs, Charu looks like the kind of coffee shop I avoid in the States—but in Chengdu, it's trying to offer new opportunities for Tibetans.


In Defence of the 'Sofa Hipster', the Latest Target of the Internet's Anti-Hipster Rage

We've all been tired and hungover and confused by a sofa before.