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My Strange Year Running a Failing Late-Night Hot Dog Business in Norway

For some reason, students at the University of Oslo did not want hot dogs made by an English girl in her dorm room kitchen.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
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Here Are Loads of Photos of Dogs That Are Hot

You're not capable of doing anything else today, let's face it.
VICE Staff

Pro-Meat Group Trolls WeWork With Solutions for Their 'Meat-Denied' Employees

Their solutions include pastrami pocket protectors and “Hot Dog Hidden in a Banana Peel.”
Ian Burke
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Anti-Ketchup Messages Appear on Chicago's Digital Road Signs

The anti-condiment statement appeared on an official Illinois Department of Transportation electronic traffic board.
Danielle Wayda
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What's It's Like to Judge the Hot Dog World Cup

Bovine genitalia, chicken hearts, and raw langoustines are all fair game.
Lisa Abend
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Make Action Bronson's Greatest Hits

We took a deep dive into our Action archives and found some Hall-of-Famer recipes from Mr. Wonderful that you can enjoy at home.
Munchies Staff
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Summer Is Over But Hot Dogs Are Forever

Here's a hot dog for every day of the week.
Munchies Staff

This Is What Really Goes Into Making a Hot Dog

What actually goes on inside the factories that make the wieners for your hot dogs and the pepperoni for your pizza?
Simon Espholm

How to Plan Your Fourth of July BBQ

Just as our founding fathers were doing some 238 years ago, we’ll all surely be stuffing ourselves with potato chips on this year's July 4th. But here are some alternative suggestions.
Male Chef
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This Chicken Tender Hot Dog Is the Mashup We Didn't Know We Wanted

Set aside any concern for your arteries and taste the combination of soft, salty, sweet, fatty, acidic, and crunchy.
Simon Espholm

That Hot Dog App from 'Silicon Valley' Is Real, and Yes, It Works

We no longer have to live in a state of constant confusion as to whether what we're looking at is, in fact, a wiener.
Jelisa Castrodale
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In Malaysia, Hot Dogs Can No Longer Be Called ‘Hot Dogs’

What will hot dogs be called now in Malaysia?
Nick Rose